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5 choses à savoir sur notre collection Homewear

Parce que notre table de cuisine est aussi devenue notre bureau, que notre frigo est désormais notre distributeur officiel et que notre espace de travail ressemble étrangement à notre maison de famille… 

Nos stylistes ont voulu rendre hommage à cette période si particulière en s’adaptant à ce nouveau rythme de vie.

Notre collection « Une Nuit à la Belle * » se compose de pièces Homewear dans lesquelles se glisser chez soi, aussi bien en journée qu’en soirée. Voilà 5 choses à savoir sur cette nouvelle collection : 

1. She was particularly imagined for you.

Did you know ? We spend more than 1/3 of our life in pajamas ... And at the moment, between confinement and curfew, this statistic is still on the rise!

At the moment, " homewear "Rhyme definitively with" workwear ». In order to make your telework days more comfortable and your nights more eco-responsible, our stylists have imagined a collection marked with sweetness and lightness. We have even requested our co-creation club, some of which are part of you, in order to fully understand your expectations on this so special collection!

We hope that our leopard leggings will give you fierce energy in Visio, our 100% French linen kimono will fill your need for sweetness in front of your excels and our CARACO will be able to shine your femininity even when you take yourself for Rocky Balboa at the end of the evening!

2. It is made up of 100% eco-responsible materials.

At Balzac, you know our credo: have an approach T.P.R (always more responsible). This involves sourcing our raw materials!

We are very proud that our new Homewear collection is made up of 100% eco-responsible materials in order to Limit our impact on the planet:vsGOTS certified organic oton (Global Organic Standard Textile), eco-responsible viscose, Lyocell, Oeko-Tex® certified fabrics…

You have a crush on our Awakening kimono Jouy canvas printed? He is in 100% linen, Step by Oeko-Tex® certified! You only have eyes for our secret body ? It is 100% organic cotton certified GOTS. You only dream of slipping into our misty pants purple ? It is made up of Lyocell Fillsens® and Viscose Enka® certified FSC.

3. It is partly French 🇫🇷.

In continuity of responsible raw materials, reducing our carbon footprint by making our parts near us is also a T.P.R challenge!

If our production has always been European, we have succeeded in the crazy bet to sprinkle certain subjects and produce certain parts directly ... with us!

The linen of our Robeyer, is 100% French! Embroidery stripes from our clarity were made in France, and all our pearly buttons are French, in recycled polyester!

4. It was thought in mix & match.

For this Homewear collection, our stylists did not imagine "sets", but that ... "everything goes together"!

That you are more "Total-Look" Where "Mix-And-Match", There is something for every taste. All our parts can mix endlessly thanks to a real work of cohesion in the finishes. Printed reverse, colorful liners… 3, 2, 1, mix!

Our Terracotta Dreaming shirt Assly assembles with his Infinite shorts The same shade, but that's not all! Its backpacks can also associate it with Cloud shorts of the same print ... every day its stylish composition!

5. She gets carried away or puts herself everywhere thanks to her little pouch.

So that you can take care of your homewear pieces or can take them everywhere, we have designed a pouch in which to slip them!

Why are we so proud? They are woven and made toCharlieu, near Lyon, and are made from recycled fibers, Oeko-Tex® certified and labeledGRS

Ready to be T.P.R until the end of the night?