Balzac Paris, actor committed for French manufacturing

Since our beginnings with Balzac Paris, our pieces have been made in Not very far : in Europe or near Europe. And as soon as we can ... In France 🇫🇷! More neutral carbon footprint, but that's not all: we really have to revalue and highlight The know-how of our French manufacturers.

This is why we founded alongside other partner brands The Tricolor collective one year ago, whose objective is to support all the actors of French lainières sectors. Our goal by 2030: to increase the local use of French fleece from 4 to 50%!

Today we are very proud to count Twenty French partners Within the big Balzac Paris family! Socks made at Limoges, sweater born at Saint Malo, cardigan designed Clamart, hat made in Roanne… Thanks to all these partners, we were able to make 45 products in France in 2021!

Since 2018, the Cardigan Hilda and you are a beautiful love story. Our first 100% French creation initiated the production of a family of meshes made in France. Result: on our fall-winter 2021 season, 29% of our sweaters are made in France!

For the second consecutive year, we imagined a new Collection Capsule de Mailles 100% manufactured in France.

Made in a factory labeled business of the living heritage in Roanne or even manufactured for the first time thanks to 3D and zero waste technology in Saint Malo, Our new stitches are essential as the essentials T.P.R (Always more responsible) of your locker room!

Great novelty on this new capsule collection, the manufacture of 3 stitches - Ivanie, fitting and dialogue - in 100% recycled wool certified GRS! This wool is obtained thanks to recycling of classified production sweatshirts and production By colors. Thus, the wire and dye production process are optimized And reduce the use of water and energy!

Discover our new stitches made in France:

News - Balzac Paris, major player in French manufacturing


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