It was in February 2011 that Balzac Paris's idea germinated in our little caboches. Three years ½ later the adventure is well underway and motivation intact. We are carried by your sweet words, your encouragement, your positive and negative feedback that makes us move forward. Sensitive to the quality of our products, you persuade us that our choice to make in France with quality fabrics is the right guidelwe For Balzac Paris. Because yes, making in France today can be complicated, the costs are, you can imagine, not the same as abroad and the less and less qualified makers. I must say that on this subject we have found the rare pearl, our Parisian workshop delights us and we wish for the moment to keep the course and continue to make made in France. This choice also justifies our price policy which, believe us, offers you an excellent relationship: quality/price.

Our ephemeral sale of summer 2014 is about to end: Belf, Candide, Louison and Bovary have pulled out of the game with a very warm welcome from you for these pieces in English embroidery and other pastel colors. Your love for literature has not gone unnoticed! Our literary couples are popular and it is wonderfully that you integrate them into your changing rooms for an ever more sharp look. With Charles and Victorien we always feel the same excitement when we see you in Balzac Paris on the web. I try to share all your photos to anchor our brand in this community spirit which is dear to us. It's extra to see you appropriate our products and read your nice words and other hashtags to speak 2.0! You put us from the boom to the heart to work hard and that every two months we can present new ephemeral collections to you with limited edition products.

Objective: September ! HASVec new materials and patterns that mingle for creations, Good ones for you and inspired by you. Back to school promises to be creative and animated since in addition to Balzac Paris, I'm going to devote myself to the arrival of a small being in November. Do not fear, I will never be far away and Charles will master the whole with a master's hand.

We also wanted to thank you because you are there for a lot in the success of our small brand that rises. So we thought of giving you a gift by winning you 4 literary sweatshirts, pfor that nothing could be simpler:

- Follow us on Instagram. - It is not a verb, but I am sure that you will understand the next step if I tell you to " Regramed »On your Instagram account the photo of our literary sweatshirt so well carried by Camille. - Do not forget to make a link to our account this way @Balzacparis (Yes I know you know) and specify hashtags #Balzac #Balzacparis #Sweatlitteraire And to tell us which is your favorite literary couple: Jean-Paul & Simone Maurice & Colette Alfred & George Honoré & Frances - Patience ... Monday in the afternoon you will know the 4 lucky ones who can show off as a literary sweatshirt! Yes because we show off in literary sweatshirt! Until then, I wish you a great vacation and I tell you very quickly on our site for new products which, I believe, will depot. In the meantime of a few sales Let us have on the site because it's soon over! See you soon, kiss, chrysoline Instagramzac