Balzac Paris Makes My Day

Balzac Paris Makes My Day

Today is a big day !

Yes it is the Holy Thérèse: HAPPY Thérèse

Yes it's Wednesday, children's day

Yes incidentally it is the middle of the week. This which almost brings us to the weekend.

But none of these previously listed reasons make this Wednesday October 15, 2014 A great day. The only reason that will get you on the right foot and love this day of hard work is that the team Balzac Paris offers you the shipping costs ...


Think Emma skirt For which you dare to take the plunge which, like a flower, will be delivered to your home and can be tried quietly against a background of delirious music to think: weekend, outings and other key moments for which the Emma skirt seems appropriate.

Do not fear, validate your basket in which: mingle: chick skirt and Sweatful The Flowers of Evil… Who are right to flirt as their universes are close.

A warm winter with your Odysée jacket and Ulysses shirt We call it having a sense of priorities: being stylish without ever forgetting to be cozy ...

Ladies Balzac Paris gives you this gift to thank you for your loyalty, sweet words and ever more charming attentions towards us. You boost us to never forget that Balzac Paris is above all: you, our happy community! This little gesture may seem trivial to you it represents a lot for us and our production made in France.

Quietly try our Balzac Paris creations at home. The sending and return costs are in the fridge of the princess from 10.00 today up to 10.00 tomorrow morning. *In France

Beautiful day, chrysoline