Balzac Paris thinks the sales differently

"For me, the sustainable spirit of Balzac Paris is perfectly up to our choice to create timeless, beautiful basics in quality materials, eco -responsible, who nourish our locker rooms, last in time, and that we always have pleasure to wear From one season to another. »»

-Chrysoline, co-founder of Balzac Paris

Fashion is old -fashioned, long live sustainability!

At Balzac Paris, this is the starting point for our T.P.R approach (always more responsible): offer you parts that last in time ! Our stylists imagine each collection so that it is timeless, that she crosses the trends Where seasons, all made in a impeccable quality To last over time.

We do not do sales at Balzac Paris. No massive destocking of our defective, poor quality products or even made specially for the occasion. Our products are neither damaged nor old -fashioned They come directly from our stocks of collections. Since they are durable, our parts can afford to have A life cycle In several steps with sometimes low prices:


We offer new pieces for the new season, to bring a breath of fresh air to your locker room.


We are selling our stocks from the previous season at low prices, in a zero stock approach.

Private sales

We are selling our remaining stocks at low prices, always in a zero stock approach. They are online this week!

The second hand

Some parts are still hearts to take: we offer them at low prices on our second -hand platform!


In a zero gachi approach, our stocks can also be offered to associations. Some have already been given to the relay to be offered to people in need, or even the solidarity tie to help people fit into the professional environment.

Our private sales are online, discover them:

And discover our eternal favorites:

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