Balzac Paris takes up summer quarters in Aix en Provence

Balzac Paris takes up summer quarters in Aix en Provence

The long -awaited season is coming. Ready to embark? Balzac Paris this summer puts its suitcases this summer at Rose and Marius, 3 rue Thiers, the time of an ephemeral boutique 100% sunny and responsible!

The T.P.R Balzac Paris holiday home From July 9 to 13 10:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. 3 rue Thiers, Aix en Provence

In our holiday home, you can find a selection of the latest Balzac Paris collections, and thus find the essential future of your vacation suitcase! During this week, you can participate in our various T.P.R workshops (always more responsible).

- T.P.R workshops (always more responsible) -

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In an intimate and warm atmosphere, come and spend moments with us during this sunny week. At Balzac Paris, we never have enough message t-shirts, they have become essential in our dressing room. So we invite you to come and decorate and personalize a white T-shirt according to your desires. We also suggest you spend a creative moment with us, Making your tote bag From fabrics provided by our teams or enhance a nice Balzac Paris wicker bag.

Come and join us for another inventive workshop: that of liable ! Here you can transform old parts of your wardrobe into pretty darling or headbands, for a vintage and elegant style guaranteed! In continuity of our approach T.P.R (always more responsible) And zero mess, we put all our energy in these activities to help you recycle your clothes.

The fifth workshop imagined by our teams consists of give a second life to your favorite shorts During our T.P.R workshop (always more responsible). Small problem, you realize that you still like him as much but that he has lived several years, his color has been dreased and that unfortunately is full of wear and hook. The Balzac Paris team gives you all the tips and materials necessary to enhance your shorts and be perfect on the beach this summer!

For us, being responsible is also to offer you solutions to maintain your clothes, repair them and establish together a fashion otherwise.

Finally, we put all our efforts at work to offer you T.P.R products (always more responsible), for respect for your health and the planet. During this week rich in creativity, we invite you to come and develop your Fabric makeup removal discs, washable and reusable. We are certain that you have an overflowing imagination, ideal for making them from A to Z! You can also participate in the making of your own toiletries inspired by our DNA, using our fabric falls, during our last workshop. You will discover more summer fabrics than each other, with various prints!

By creating this object, you participate in bringing our brand to life, you who are the main actresses, and we thank you!

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Thank you to our partners Aix Rosé, Lov Organic and of course Rose & Marius!