Balzac Paris X Alysson Paradis

Balzac Paris X Alysson Paradis

We gave an appointment in Alysson Paradis at the Hotel The Hoxton Paris. At the bend of a coffee, she answered our questions with ease. Endearing and relevant, Alysson Paradis enjoys Balzac Paris at its fair value and carries our pretty pieces over the seasons.

We let you discover this interview, exclusively, in our newspaper Balzac Paris.

What is your news:

Croque sir, directed by Thierry Klifa, with Fanny Ardant, Bernard Menez, Michaël Cohen - Pierre Rochefort - Jean Baptiste Lafarge - on tour throughout France.

What makes you happy?

My united family.

What are your models?

Right now I'm working with Fanny Ardant and I find her terribly fascinating. I also love Catherine Deneuve, Isabelle Hupert, Agnes Jaoui and also, Kate Winslet ...

What inspires you?

People, listen to them, observe them, really interest me. I really like to meet someone with a thousand places of me and listening to him speak. These meetings are gold, get out of its comfort zone and dare to go to others.

What is your Madeleine de Proust?

Hadrian's water, the fragrance that my Grand Mere wore.

What makes you want to be?

My son.

What is your craziest dream?

Play under the direction of Guillaume my lover. His just eye, his delicacy and his strength inspire me enormously.

What is the thing you have accomplished and that makes you proud?

Make the job I dreamed of little.

What is your best choice?

Have the chance to choose the people I work with. Go to projects that inspire me that amuse me who touch me and people I want to always give more.

And Balzac Paris in all of that !

What do you like about our brand?

I like it to be an accessible fashion, that it re-invents itself all the time, the delicacy of its materials and its cuts.

Thank you Alysson,

We hope you too have been won over by this sparkling personality and that radiant smile.