Balzac Paris X Mana Mana

Balzac Paris X Mana Mana

A Manamani kit of 4 washable cleansing wipes and a French linen pocket in France slip into all orders during the sales period! The founders reveal their approach to us and tell you more about your gift kit ...

Why did you think of Balzac Paris for this collaboration?

Balzac Paris is a mark of timeless fashion And who always tends more towards the manager in the choice of his materials and his making. Dressing is essential but it is also a pleasure. As such, the textile industry has developed at the expense of the environment and working conditions in socially fragile areas. By choosing Balzac Paris, we want to show our community that to dress, it is better to consume less but better, to choose quality pieces that will last and that they are as much as possible made with respect for the planet and men.

Tell us the story of the manufacture of your washable cleansing squares. How are they made?

Manamani, it's a Local and responsible manufacturing. Our cleansing squares are made 35 minutes by car from our offices, in a textile workshop in the north of France. They are all on hand over handed by seamstresses with fairy fingers! Thus, we limit the carbon impact linked to the transport of products. This also makes it possible to avoid waste because we just produce the quantities we need and proximity gives us the possibility of reappropriate quickly ... This makes things fluid and easy and allows you to create a relationship of trust with people who make Our products.



These washable cleansing squares are therefore made from Tencel, like many of our pieces. As with us, this choice seems to have been obvious. Tell us your story with Tencel ...

When creating the cleansing kit, we have sourced several materials in micro -sponges suitable for the manufacture of washable cleansing squares. Our specifications was however very demanding and alone Tencel Meeting all the criteria: Tencel is responsible and perfect for all types of skin even hyper sensitive. It is responsible because it is made from eucalyptus fibers from sustainably managed forests in Europe. It is perfect for all skin types because it is incomparable softness to the other micro-sponge and this seemed essential to easily and pleasantly replace disposable cottons.


On the practical side, how many washes do these squares resist? Advice to preserve them/washing?

The squares are made to last 8 years but can last even longer by washing them at 40 degrees maximum and avoiding the dryer. For maintenance, it's very simple, you just have to join them with the usual detergents. In case of resistant tasks, soda percarbonate or Marseille soap are effective allies. We have written a blogging article on the maintenance of the squares to make up washable, do not hesitate to take a look!



Spontaneously, if you were to describe the manimani cleansing squares in 3 words what would be?

Soft, durable, easy


If you had to describe Manamani in 3 words, what would it be?

Zero waste, practical, pretty


We share common values, and in particular that of zero waste. How does this approach are close to your heart?

We believe that awareness and ecological transition go through the easy and accessible gestures to all. Zero waste allows us to become aware of our possibilities of actions on an individual scale. Each gesture counts and decrease the size of its garbage cans little by little is very satisfactory. This is a way of realizing that each of our behavior has an impact and it allows you to become an actor for tomorrow. Manamani is the fruit of our own zero waste approach and we always work with the same idea: do better with less. We design our products from our own zero waste lifestyle. We create what we are missing and what allows us to throw less. We share our approach to as many people as possible by offering products that make you want to get into it without upsetting the routine.

We believe that zero waste is one of the entry doors to the more global changes essential to our planet. There are no small gestures, especially when there are more and more of them doing them.