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Balzac Paris x Surfrider Foundation Europe

Chaque année, plus de 8 millions de tonnes de déchets plastiques finissent dans nos océans. Depuis le mois de mars, Balzac Paris tire la sirène d’alarme aux côtés de Surfrider Foundation Europe

Pour chaque sweat Océan acheté, 30€ sont reversés à l'ONG afin de soutenir les Initiatives Océanes, de grandes collectes de déchets organisées partout dans le monde. 

Afin d'aller plus loin dans son engagement, l'équipe Balzac Paris s'est rendue à Marseille pour la Journée Mondiale de l'Océan afin de participer à une collecte de déchets. Retour sur cette belle journée solidaire !

It is 100% organic cotton, labeled GOTS (Global Organic Standard), ample and soft, and it is back For the last time on June 8 on the occasion of the World Ocean Day... Who is that ? Ourocean sweatshirtobviously.

So far, thanks to the sale of this sweatshirt and therefore thanks to you, we have already been able to donate toSurfrider Foundation Europe :

92 580€, what does it really represent? ⁠
💙 ⁠36,505 participants sensitized to the protection of the ocean⁠
💙 998 collections organized in Europe⁠
💙 48,770 bottles in plastic collected⁠
💙 860 m3 of collected waste⁠

In order to go further in his commitment, The Balzac team Pariswent in early June to Marseille for the World Ocean Day in order to participate in a waste collection, during which we picked up:

30.7 kg of waste = ⁠
💙 ⁠600 meterscollection
💙 13 bags 25L⁠
💙 800 buttscigarette

Back in pictures on this beautiful united day:

Thanks to our partner Ou.SNCF, part of the team of which joined us on site, we have traveled by train and issued 107 times less CO2.

** To know more **

Meeting with Raphaëlle de Surfrider Foundation Europe:

- Hello Raphaëlle, who are you and what is your role at Surfrider Foundation Europe?

I joined Surfrider Foundation Europe Now over 5 years ago, I left Paris to move in to Bayonne in the South West and restore a little meaning to my life! Within the NGO I am responsible for business partnerships, that is to say that I set up partnerships that make sense with the private sector, in order to collect funds to finance projects.

- Can you introduce us in a few words the NGO?

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an NGO that aims protection and development of the ocean, coastal, waves, lakes, rivers and all the populations that enjoy them. Man is at the heart of our identity: even if our actions have an impact on biodiversity in itself, the association was created by surfers in order to put back Man at the center of a sustainable approach. 

Surfrider Foundation Europe is the little brother of the American surfrider, born in California in 1984! The European branch was created in 1990 by Tom Curren, triple surfing champion. Of a small association of surfers volunteers, we are today a True Big Environmental NGO ! Beyond simply representing surfers and practitioners of nautical activity, we represent All ocean loversat large. 

- What are the main actions to surfrider Foundation Europe to preserve the oceans?

At Surfrider we have 3 levers of action, which can find it in all our projects:

1- Education and awareness: Prevention is better than cure ! We act with the general public, and also with the young audience, which is a very important target for us.

2- Participatory science and expertise:We are accompanied by experts on the various levers of action ofSurfrider Europe.

3 - Advocacy and lobbing: Aimed to institutions, local, national or European, but also with the private sector: we try to move companies towards eco-design or in any case more eco-friendly actions.

These actions revolve around 3 thematic axes:

1 - The best known and the oldest is The fight against aquatic waste : We are talking about the fight against single -use plasticMostly.

2 - The quality of the water and the health of the users.

3- The layout of the coast and climate change.

- Can you tell us about the collaboration of Surfrider Foundation Europe with Balzac Paris: how was it done, why you liked the project?

We already had a small history with Balzac Paris: in 2019, we had set up a similar operation with an eco-designed t-shirt. We had raised more than € 5,000! We are happy to renew this partnership, at Surfrider Europe, We also like the stories that last ! We are very vigilant about our business partnerships: if we agree to chat with all those who wish, we do not associate with everyone! We have criteria to meet, including the issue of product eco-design.

Here the ocean sweatshirt is in organic cotton certified GOTS, done in Europe, and in addition, it is canon! This makes us even more proud of this collaboration. And for the anecdote, we have never received as many messages about a collaboration as following the dissemination of ocean sweatshirt !

- What are the figures that are the most alarming in your opinion concerning the pollution of the oceans? Why should we all be affected?

In my opinion the first alarming figure is this: 8 million tonnes of waste per year that ends in the ocean (Source: UN). This figure does not tend to decrease because unfortunately plastic production is not down! 

The second figure that I find a little frightening is the number of butts that we collect via our program Ocean initiative. It is a flagship surfrider program that organizes waste collections on the coastlines, but also in cities, because "To throw on the ground is to throw at sea" ! When you throw his megot on the ground in Paris, he falls into the Seine, and the Seine finishes its race in the sea. So it is important to also displease cities far from the coast! Every year, Surfrider Europe Dresses an environmental assessment that allows us to list the type of waste collected. In 2020, we picked up no less than 4.30 million butts in Europe. The megot has been the number 1 waste for years: it is dramatic when you know that 1 megot pollutes up to 500l of water Because of its toxic compounds!

I will also give a figure that gives a little more hope: in early 2019, a European directive against certain single -use plastic objects was adopted at European level, and it has just entered into all countries European Union on January 1, 2021! Since that date, It is forbidden to sell plastic straws, disposable plastic dishes, expanded polystyrene boxes, plastic touiltes etc. This directive is directly based on environmental assessments from Ocean initiatives of Surfrider Europe And many other NGOs. This is a historic victory for the association since its creation! The fight continues, however, because for example at present, plastic bottles are not affected by this directive.

- How can we simply reduce, simply and daily, our impact on ocean pollution?

For people sensitive to environmental protection but who do not know where to start, there is the application Ocean’s zero ! It allows you to pass to a zero waste approach by stages. Starting with small challenges, such as replacing your plastic bottle with a gourd, up to real levels of zero waste initiative, like making your own shampoo or its own solid toothpaste!

We cannot all radically change our consumption methods, You have to go step by step! It is better to go gradually than not to act, and everyone can do it on their own scale.

- How to become a volunteer to surfrider Foundation Europe?

If you want to join the movement, we have a platform dedicated to volunteering: https://volunteers.surfrider.eu/. At the house of Surfrider Europe,There are different types of volunteering: in a first, time, the possibility of putting your skills at the service of Surfrider Europe on specific missions (translation for example).

To make a lasting commitment, you can join a branch! We have more than 40 branches in Europe, including 30 in France! There is bound to be a near home. Joining an antenna allows you to do stand on events, to raise awareness among the general public, by going to schools for example, the Paris antenna does a lot.

To engage even more, there is obviously activism of course: participate in demonstrations, run petitions etc.

Beyond that, there are lots of ways of engaging with Surfrider Europe: Share our content on social networks, and of course make a donation ! We never repeat it enough, but each donation counts, regardless of the amount.