Chinen her Christmas gifts: Crossed interview with Charlotte and Chrysoline

Chinen her Christmas gifts: Crossed interview with Charlotte and Chrysoline

You know, at Balzac Paris, we take the life cycle of our very hearts, from their design to their recycling. Chrysoline, which we no longer present to you, collects the ancient objects that she likes to hunt in flea markets, physical or virtual, to decorate her apartment. But how does this sensitivity to the sustainability of products translate to Balzac Paris? Through Sustainable, a monthly meeting where we put the parts of the previous year for sale at low prices, in a Zero-Gâchis approach. Fortunately for the planet we are not the only concerned about the second life some products ! Who better than Charlotte, founder of Selency, to talk about it? Selency is an online flea market where more than 100,000 furniture and decorative items have been carefully bought for you. We therefore asked these two experts on the subject of giving you their best advice to find your Christmas presents of a second life in a zero-gâchis approach.

Charlotte, why hunt?

To have a decor that really looks like us and that is authentic and at the same time to do good to the planet.

What does that bring you personally beyond the material gain?

There is a real learning behind hunting, as soon as you Chinese a piece you also buy a little story you learn things and we get richer personally. By hunting we also learn to pay the right price and measure the value of things is important at a time when we believe that a chair of beautiful invoice can cost manufacturing a few euros, or that delivery is produced by magic and therefore for free. This measure is important to consume less but better.

3 tips to be as effective as possible when you get?

Do not have a fixed idea but rather to be open. Observe a lot and especially the details. And tell yourself precisely that we do not necessarily seek efficiency but that we give ourselves time.

Offer a gift that already has a story is a top or a flop?

Of race a big top. Even better, of course, if you get a little bit of the story to tell. Selency in 3 words? Decoration, authenticity, singularity. Chrysoline, why propose articles of collections spent through sustainables again? At Balzac Paris we like to imagine a fashion that crosses the seasons and the years! We therefore think this one so that our prints, our cuts and our accessories remain in the air of the season season after season to become timeless from the cloakroom of our customers. This is why we offer the possibility of acquiring our collections of the past year at -30% in the "sustainable" category with this idea that: nothing is lost!
Offering a gift from a collection from the previous year, is it a top or a flop? It's a top! For the reasons I have just explained and because this creation has been imagined in our T.P.R approach (always more responsible) It will be of quality for a clothing or accessory that lasts and continues. What is the little nugget that can be found in the next lasting? This time, we find the pretty Suzette sweater in its jeans blue version. An iconic Balzac Paris. Your favorite 3 pieces for a timeless (and therefore durable) fashion? - The César (for every day and more if affinity! Size, look and practicality, it is perfect). - The Suzette sweater (the joy of putting it in cold weather + impeccable quality). - The George shirt (under a big sweater or to go out, this clever mixture of masculine/feminine did not say its last word). The lasting in 3 words? Sustainable: crazy prices! Quality ! Sustainability. Your best addresses to find second -life Christmas gifts (in Paris and elsewhere)? Charlotte : "Obviously the Selency corner from December 6 to 8 at 51 rue de Turenne 75003 for decoration, thrift stores that can be found everywhere for a garment or original accessory, it can also be electronics on the back market site. In fact it depends on the tastes of the person to whom we want to give a gift because everything exists in second hand and sometimes even more beautiful and original than the new. " Chrysoline : "At the Balzac Paris winter house of course: at 18 rue de Turenne, from December 7 to 22! But also Meert in Lille for delicious waffles. The blue cat with a touquet for a good packet of chocolate. At the house of Marion Graux For very beautiful pottery or a bouquet of dried flowers on rue de Dunkirk in Paris ... " A advice for a responsible Christmas? Charlotte : "Apply the" less but better ", to avoid buying little nephews, cousins, uncles and aunts of gifts in mess and low qualitatives which risk, as a bonus, not to be used. Re-use the gift papers or Pack with recycled papers, or better with fabric to avoid having a volume of packaging to throw larger than the remaining gifts. But the most important is undoubtedly to bring the discussion of good practices for a Daily Plus "Green", a nice subject of discussion to share the good practices of everyone with the family and to make each other aware of each other. " Chrysoline : "I advise you to wrap your gifts in fabric falls. To cook homemade! To hunt your dishes and decoration for the big day. But also to think of the poorest by looking at what your children or yourself might offer To people in need! A responsible Christmas is an authentic Christmas! Enjoy;) "