L o n d o n i s c a l i n g Marie-Camille takes off during the holidays: London direction. She does not forget her selection Balzac Paris for her and her loved ones ! She fills her bag to kicks From a Doudou sweater, pretty blouse and other timeless classic literary t-shirt. Not crazy, The wasp Marie-Camille offered herself the perfect Balzac Paris outfit for her London stay and put the mirettes in the Britishs in a spirit f r e n c h s t y l e

Oedipus sweater (for her) A gift before time since Marie-Camille has already adopted the said Decreeted Pull Pull Favorite!

Anne blouse Marie-Camille set her sights on Anne. Elegant and refined, under her classic air, Anne hides her game well with her ruffles. ELle advises to wear it with Jeans and an pair of sneakers.

Literary t-shirt No your literary t-shirt is not yet another message t-shirt! Subtle, intello/boho and delicately embroidered, He is a classic from the start at Balzac Paris.

Gray Voltaire jeans (for her) Marie-Camille has the chic to find the room in which comfort and style reign supreme.

Théophile Gris We only want one thing to our loved ones during this holiday season: to curl up in cozy clothes for an appointed cocooning operation. Théophile fulfills this mission with brilliance!

Literary Christmas

On these few notes I tell you: See You Soon, Darling!