Léa puts the sails on December 23! It is with a twinge in the heart that we see our head of after -sales manager leave whose The motto is smile and patience! She answers your questions with meticulousness so that your clothes Balzac Paris you are suitable perfectly.

Until then, Léa gives us her Wishlist Balzac Paris for a Christmas she is waiting for: classic, gourmet and warm! I have the feeling that Léa will flow happy days in the south with her loved ones. Balzac Paris gift cards Considerate, Léa will opt for The Balzac Paris gift card ! Valid for 1 year she offers her loved ones to crack for the new features in January that she had the chance to see in preview and therefore validate ✔ Faithful among the faithful to Balzac Paris, Léa wishes to make her loved ones discover The literary sweatshirt flagship piece of the Balzac Paris wardrobe. Festive outfit, The golden girl's skirt And its ultra feminine steering wheel will be in the evening of Christmas and Saint Sylvestre included! Waiting for a pleasure being already a pleasure, she will wait wisely Consistency who will make a comeback in January #Staytuned (Register for the waiting list to be warned of the return of it) Inveterate southerner The Marcel & Jacqueline candle will be the gift at -of 50 euros that Léa will offer according to her desires. Sweet smell of fig which is not to displease us! Have a great day ! See you soon, Chrysoline