Chutes T.P.R : on vous ouvre les coulisses !

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Chutes T.P.R : on vous ouvre les coulisses !

Pour célébrer la 10ème édition des Chutes T.P.R (Toujours Plus Responsable) et notre dernière collection de la saison, nous avons poussé à l'extrême notre ADN T.P.R en pensant la mode 100% à l'envers

0 tissu produit, 0 création de patrons : nous avons revalorisé 50 rouleaux de chutes de tissus et nos patrons existants Balzac Paris dont 10 best-sellers. Avec une nouveauté malgré tout : nos cols Claudine amovibles !

Rencontre avec Maria, responsable du style chez Balzac Paris, qui vous raconte les coulisses de cette collection 100% écoresponsable

Hello Maria ! Can you explain the concept of "T.P.R falls" to us? 

Everything is in the title ! This is a collection that we imagined from fabric falls In a T.P.R (always more responsible) approach of zero mess. This is not the first edition: we produced Collections of T.P.R falls Since 2016! 

Why can we speak of "backward fashion"? 

Because We started from the existing : Instead of imagining a garment, drawing your boss and looking for her fabric, we made the opposite! We have recovered50 dormant fabric stock rolls, we came out The bosses of our "heart strokes" of the season, and we have sought how to associate them to create new summer and desirable models! You loved our Galeane dress ? She returns to a brand new print! You only slip into our Paolo pants ? He returns to a brand new color! 

Where do these fabric falls come from?

Mostly, these falls come Old Balzac Paris collection. In our T.P.R approach (always more responsible), we try to avoid having rooms of pieces and we have always offered collections in reasoned quantities. But when we buy a fabric, suppliers sometimes require a minimum of quantity and so we sometimes have a little stock! So we quickly thought about doing something about it. 

From this collection, we also recovered a fabric that was sleeping with our manufacturer and that we found very summer (the green gervy). Otherwise we have mainly recovered tramed cottons differently: cotton gauze, cotton popline, but also of the chick. 

What are the iconic models that have been available in these fabrics?

We have taken up the patterns of certain iconic at Balzac Paris: for example, the milary dress, the Galeane dress, the Combi Taline, the Léonie blouse, the pavla skirt, the Thai skirt, the top max, the Paolo pants, or the Claodia dress. And many others !

And on the new side?

You can discoverOur removable Claudine passes ! Sometimes our tissue falls are minimal: it can only remain 4 meters! It would be too bad to throw them away: we also chose to revalue them through smaller pieces : our darling and our all new passes. 

Even if this is a real novelty in the locker room, once again, we have chosen to work with an existing patronage. So we took over the boss of our gian shirt whose collar is emblematic of Balzac Paris. Besides, the big passes are now part of 100% of our DNA! 

These removable passes also have a symbolism T.P.R beyond their production: it is the idea that we can twist all our T-shirts, blouses, sweaters or sweatshirts with at our lesse, and make them live a thousand lives!