In the locker room of Audrey Fitzjohn

In the locker room of Audrey Fitzjohn

This month we are happy to open the cloakroom of the sparkling and benevolent Audrey Fitzjohn. Mom, photographer, stylist and author, Audrey inspired us with her lifestyle, her kindness and her naturalness. A personality and a look that we wanted to make you discover ...

3 lines to introduce you? My name is Audrey, I am 32 years old, I am a photographer and author, and I am just a 10-year expatriation in New Zealand. I share my daily life between a job that fascinates me and in which I fully flourish, and my little family. We are currently renovating an old house in Charente-Maritime where we will move in a few months.

3 words to describe your style?

Simple, a bit bohemian with an obsession for the cuts.

The play of your locker room you can never do without? A blue-clay shirt ... from my husband, unrivaled cut! I wear it more than him!

The 3 pieces Balzac Paris which you can not do without?

The Polly blouse, a real Victorian revival, I love it. The Caesar Bag Raphia version, genius! And the Sally skirt, a classic.

Your 3 favorite pieces in the current collection? The Angela Marine dress, it is a very versatile room, we accompany it with a pair of pumps to maximize its elegance or a pair of sneakers to highlight its comfortable and relaxed side. The Golden Leiris sandals, a crush, I find them very feminine, they have a fun side in gold. the Top Enni Marine, it is very well cut, the detail of the collar and in the sleeves is lovely and the anthracite color agrees with everything. Organized or cloakroom cloakroom? I would like it so much that it is organized but nothing is doing it ... I plan a dressing room where I can put everything on a semicircular in our house and I cross my fingers so that it revolutionizes this space.

The color that we both find 2 hangers? And lA matter?

White, cotton.

The first things you look at before buying a room?

The cut then the material and its composition.

Your tips for keeping a garment longer?

Wash your clothes upside down and especially no dryer.

An eco-responsible daily gesture to share with us? Oulala I don't like to give lessons ... A daily gesture in my case is not to eat meat.

An eco-responsible address to share with us?

Café Pinson in Paris, 100% organic and healthy cuisine, seasonal and mostly local products.

Follow Audrey on Instagram @Audreyfitzjohn And find his selection of spring in stories on @Balzacparis.