The story of your eternal favorites

NOTbone Eternals are A family story of which you are part. Each of the pieces joining this collection is selected after you have adopted it and you Mandate again and again !  

Managers, sustainable and quality, our Eternal are made for Cross generations, fashions and seasons. Some have been your favorites for almost 7 years now! César, Joe or Vivien, discover the story of your Eternal Favorites:

The Caesar bag

The iconic bag Balzac Paris since 2017. The curves of its angles and the regularity of its quilted a timeless which crosses the modes, the seasons and the generations! T.P.R (always more responsible) since its inception, it is handcrafted in Portugal.

Psst .. his detail that makes the difference? It also exists In vegan version!

The big Caesar bag

The enlarged version From our iconic Caesar has exactly the same qualities as the latter! A timeless who crosses modes, seasons and generations, handcrafted in Portugal. Ideal for those who do not go out without Their favorite book in their bag ...

Psst .. his detail that makes the difference? It also exists in vegan version !

The literary sweatshirt

In 2014, Balzac Paris launched his iconics Literary sweatshirts highlighting famous couples of French authors. Honoré de Balzac & Frances Sarah Guidoboni-Visconti, Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de Beauvoir, Alfred de Musset & George Sand : you loved them so much, that in 2020, we have them reissued ! Made in Portugal, in 100% cotton from organic farming GOTS certified.

The Belkis dress and shirt

With his Double emblematic flying collar, Belkis capsizes your hearts since 2019! Born shirt, she was quickly dressing in dress Faced with its success. T.P.R (always more responsible) they are both in 100% cotton from biological agriculture.

Jean Joe

The slim that makes you Fluked legs at will Since 2019, cotton from organic farming certified GOTS. With its high naval waist, its tight cut, gallant with hips and buttocks, And his button wing, he is the emblem of our T.P.R approach (always more responsible). Always more qualitative, always more circular, always better cut: Joe improves over time!

The Cardigan Vivien & the Eudes sweater

You have loved them for 3 years already: our leopard meshes keep BE MOVEMENT YEAR YEAR YEAR YEAR ! Our Cardigan Vivien and our Eudes sweater are today Designed from our own thread In mohair, alpaca, recycled polyamide and polyamide. Very warm and soft, They are made near us in Portugal.

Jean Mattis

Jean Mom vintage In 100% cotton from organic farming certified GOTS. You have been carrying it since 2019, with its high size, Its curb effect with hips and buttocks, and its slightly tightened leg. Its cut is constantly perfected!

Cardigan Hilda

Developed in November 2018 at the launch of the "Tricolor Movement", the Cardigan Hilda was born from the challenge of Make a 100% French sweater, from sheep to manufacture, and to give it The key Balzac Paris! Recognized for its quality, it is a timeless of your wardrobe that is transmits from mother to daughter.

Josepha boots

The eternal Chelsea Boots which joins your locker room year after year since ... 2017! Very comfortable, with a gum sole which guarantees minimum wear and tear and to be well cut off. They follow you both in autumn, as in winter or in spring! T.P.R (always more responsible), they are manufactured Near us in Portugal.

The Rodin bag

Bag unavoidable From Balzac Paris, your heart has been booming since 2019 for its embossed leather and its double chain braided which allows a double worn (in the shoulder and in shoulder)! T.P.R (always more responsible), it is manufactured Near us in Portugal.

The Ignace sweatshirt

In 2020, Ignace was born from a clever mixture between your favorite print and your Passion for Balzac Paris sweatshirts… Comfortable and obviously T.P.R (always more responsible), it is manufactured in Portugal and 100% cotton from theOrganic Agriculture.

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