World Environment Day: our actions for the planet

World Environment Day: our actions for the planet

At Balzac Paris, we think that fashion pollution is not inevitable. Since our all beginnings we have been trying to juggle between your desires and respect for the planet by strengthening our T.P.R approach (always more responsible). Every month, the team puts their hearts to the work to answer this question: how to do better? Fortunately we are not the only ones to have become aware of the environmental issues of our sector and the need to go always further. Around us, many brands also advance on the same voice and we are delighted. It is together that our actions will have an impact!

How do we act on our scale?

- Promote less polluting crops -

In recent months, the cotton Coming from organic farming has taken a large place in our collections. It represents for example 67% of the cotton used in June. Less polluting, this culture does not use chemicals or GMOs. Cherry on the cake ? It reduces greenhouse gas emissions and water consumption.

- Use less harmful processes for the planet -

Every month, we take one more step towards more natural processes. the vegetable tanning is more and more present in our leather goods, the Tencel® has already replaced conventional viscose and our jeans will soon be faded in the laser.

- Use what already exists before consuming new materials -

Respecting the planet is also using what already exists before producing more. At Balzac Paris, we use more and more recycled materials and reuse our remaining fabric stocks.

- Challenger animal leather -

Many of you have asked us to no longer use animal leather. Over the months, the team plays the sorcerer's apprentices to offer you accessories vegan And use new plant materials. The latest? La Piñatex.

-Favor an eco-responsible logistics-

We joined the FRET 21 approach in May 2019, an organization created in the continuity of COP 21 whose objective is to reduce GHG emissions in France. We are committed to 3 years to put concrete actions in place to limit our carbon impact: by favoring the use of less polluting means of transport between our partner workshops and our warehouse, by studying the possibility of making our bikes by bike or in electric vehicles in Paris. Since always more ... Transport is only an axis of GHG reductions, we also make a significant reducing the use of single -use packaging by favoring recycled, recyclable and reusable solutions.

- Advise you in the maintenance of your clothes -

40 % of the environmental impact of a garment is linked to the use you make of it. It therefore seems obvious to us to support you after the purchase of a product, in particular by offering you a laundry detergent natural or a washing bag, and inviting you to retouching workshops.

- Do not forget the little gestures of everyday life in the office -

At Balzac Paris, we called on the company "The Happy Recyclers" to be able to sort all our daily waste.

Do you have other T.P.R ideas to whisper?

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