At a time of positive psychology the happy fool has the wind in its sails! It has never been so a tendency to display a thunderous smile for a 100% feel good spirit. We have also made it our mantra at Balzac Paris with this sentence that resonates in a loop in our heads: "You are never completely dressed without a smile"and which is available in attach, postcard and other tote-bags. This is how the idea of ​​a joyful competition that would have the theme of a smile in our minds! It is indeed by seeing your pretty face on the Web In Balzac Paris and your mischievous smiles that this idea came to us to offer to illustrate this leitmotif: "You are never completely dressed without a smile"To try to win a voucher on our site of 200 euros valid for 1 year. Balzac Paris Potel Ulysse Shirt Let's run by step!

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③ Remember to make your account for the time of the competition we can access your photo

④ The happy winner will be drawn to lots on Monday December 28 and will win the voucher of 200 euros valid on our site for 1 year.

By then do not forget the code Merryxmas When ordering to receive Our 100% Christmas poster !

Your Balzac Paris package under the tree? Hurry up, we are committed to sending your happy packages for the holidays for all orders placed until December 18.

In Paris by bicycle we go beyond cars ♪ And we also deliver your Balzac Paris gifts during the day for 9 euros!

We wish you a great holiday!

Your Balzac Paris team,