On the clock, Balzac Paris is 3448. A nice number which is the result of an addition of people with the honorary title of Facebook fans of Balzac Paris. So what could be better than a royal event to celebrate your princely "likes"? A specific goal: warm thanks! Come and meet us: Charles, Victorien and I in a place still kept secret #Staytuned to go from virtual to reality. How long have you not had a boom? Balzac Paris immerses you in your college years for a precious moment where to meet, discuss and swinger will be our only concerns. Surprises? There will be some! You spoil us with sweet comments, likes and little touches that give us heart to the work. It is our turn to offer you an exceptional moment when only the pleasure embellished with laughter will have its place. I will not fail to give you all the details that crisp quickly. In the meantime take the time to register to our boom from June 18 So that in advance we can rejoice in your arrival. Go kiss, chrysoline. cheers flowers confetti balloons