Le score impact environnemental de Balzac Paris

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Le score impact environnemental de Balzac Paris

Chez Balzac Paris, nous avons à cœur d’aller chaque jour un peu plus loin dans notre démarche T.P.R (Toujours Plus Responsable). Par exemple : 99% des matières de nos collections printemps-été sont écoresponsables !


Afin de suivre ces évolutions, nous avons calculé notre score impact environnemental avec Zei, la première plateforme digitale qui accélère l’impact environnemental et sociétal des entreprises !

Our ranking and score

We are delighted to reveal to you that we are 11th of the rank Zei In our sector, with an environmental score of 53 %!

The environmental score evaluates notre progression on environmental issues The most important for us after verification of data by Zei, for example :

  • We use responsible materials, without synthetic pesticides, recycled materials, ecological raw materials (Lin, Lyocell…). Currently, 96% of our references are without synthesis pesticides and almost half (47%) are labeled OEKO-TEX® or GOTS
  • We Let's prohibit practices that have a high carbon impact such as the plane transport Or the sandblasting of jeans.
  • We set up small steps in our offices : compost, durable and zero waste products, green electricity, Responsible supplies, responsible digital awareness ...

Our commitments are already well advanced, but we are not based on our laurels, and we invite you to follow on Our Zei profile Our short and medium term goals!

Our goals for the year 2021

With Zei, we have established a roadmap with priority issues and indicators adapted to our sector. We can regularly follow our progress, and Zei helps us find improvement tracks thanks to a catalog of solutions.

For 2021, we want for example to work on all of our packaging in order to Reduce the impact as much as possible of this future waste. Currently, 55% of our packaging are durable, and we aim 100% by the end of the year!

We also started to realize Our carbon footprint, in order to establish a reduction plan for our emissions! And of course, we aim to always improve our products by always more responsible materials

Why we chose Zei

Zei supports companies in improving their environmental and societal impacts Through a digital and innovative solution.

This tool helps us to assess our commitments and be transparent to our customers and our stakeholders. It is a real trusted third party on which we can count for progress in our impact strategy!

To discover our ZEI profile, it's here: Our profile.