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Le tricot en France

Interview de Karine Renouil-Tiberghien, Dirigeante de la manufacture de tricot français Jean Ruiz. « Quel métier fantastique que celui de créer et de fabriquer un pull ou un bonnet ! »

Balzac Paris. Hello Karine, We are very happy to "tele-revise" you today! We have just unveiled our “100% made in France” collection to our customers! It seemed important to us to tell them the story of the Jean Ruiz knitting factory, we leave you the floor ... What is the story of the Jean Ruiz knitting factory?

Karine Renouil-Tiberghein.Of course you are right, it's always nice to know the story of a garment and its material.
The Jean Ruiz knitting factory was created in Roanne over 40 years ago. At the time, in the small Cotton deadlock were no less than 4 knitting factories! It was an industry prosperous in the region.
From the start Jean Ruiz, the founder of the Manufacture, decided to knit for high-end ready-to-wear. He wanted to offer his customers an infinite possibilities. For our founder, offer a modern and diversified knitting trades park (from gauge 3 to gauge 14), as well as a very experienced confection workshop, was the ultimate in the textile industry of the time.


Balzac Paris. We were slipped to the headset that you recently took the reins of the manufacture?

K.R-t.Absolutely ! It's been two years today!

At the time, with Arnaud de Belabre my partner we were very happy with the adventure that we lived in the Manufacture de Layette in Pau. We liked this mesh sector very much, it was time for us to learn to knit for adults, so to throw ourselves in the water. 

It was then that we decided to meet the management team in Roanne. We had an appointment at the workshop. With Arnaud we were instantly seduced by the know-how of this "knitting manu". Our meeting with the team in place was a plus is obvious. Their history, their material, their knitting, their family, ... are the very essence of this factory that we have decided to resume with great kindness.

Balzac Paris. At Balzac Paris, we have a passion for knitting, you think it is a French know-how to preserve, can you tell us more?

K.R-t.Yes, yes and yes and again a thousand times yes!

What a fantastic job to create and make a sweater or a hat! Fewer and fewer workshops can do it in France, we must participate in making this activity prosper and support French manufacturers. This is essential to preserve our special know-how.

Of course the products made in France can be more expensive than a Made in hat very far! However, let us remember that if a 100% produced product in France is a little more expensive it is thanks to a social decision taken collectively a long time ago which allows us to receive a retirement at the end of our career. And we can be proud of it even if it has a cost. Let us continue on a daily basis to bear and support our French manufacturing in our purchases.

Balzac Paris. We got closer to you to knit our cups and headbands 100% made in France. Why did you agree to support us in this collection?

K.R-t.The fact that I am a follower of your collections did not of course influence me as you can suspect it! More seriously, we wanted to help you create this collection because we defend the same values ​​that are quality and local manufacturing. Your ever more responsible commitment is a strong promise and in which the Jean Ruiz factory believes a lot. It is thanks to ready-to-wear actors like Balzac Paris that we will all succeed together to move the lines!**insert**

Interview with love and transparency by Alice L and Valentine v our reporters Balzac Paris