Yoga to breathe with Julia Truffaut

Yoga to breathe with Julia Truffaut

Yoga, a source of benefits

Julia, a few words to introduce you? "I have been a yoga teacher in Paris for 5 years. I have been teaching in yoga studios, for individuals and in companies. Help others to let go, to flourish and to find a balance is very important to me. This is the path I chose by teaching yoga.
I am also well -being advisor with essential oils will endow. I accompany people who wish to set up natural solutions to take care of herself and their family. Being myself mother of two little girls mila 4 years and sienna 10 months, I want to offer them a healthy environment and treat them with quality natural products. "

Yoga in 3 words? "Breathing, connection, interior trip."

A few words about your meeting with yoga? "I like the physical side of yoga and the serenity that I feel at the end of a practice. But what I also like is When I am on my carpet, I learn a lot about myself. I gain strength and flexibility, I learn to manage my stress and breathe fully and consciously. Yoga techniques help me develop my inner joy and well -being, and help me be benevolent towards myself and the others. "

3 reasons to take the plunge? "Difficult to name only 3 but I would say: - to better manage stress and emotions - to find strength in his body - To find an inner calm, serenity and self -confidence. "


When do we see the first profits? "The more you practice, the more profits you get. But each their own pace. Even five minutes a day, regularly, will give you physical and mental benefits. And ten minutes before bed, will help you sleep better."

Your advice not to let go? "Keep a certain discipline. That is to say make this meeting with yourself To do good and note it in his agenda. May this meeting become your routine during the week and not cancel it. "

5 minutes in a day
5 minutes to fill up with energy in the morning? "Movements ... everything will depend on the night I spent or the day that awaits me. In general, I start with a breathing exercise, I stretch the sides of the body, my back and the shoulders." 5 minutes to press the break button in the middle of the day? "Relaxation / meditation ... I close my eyes, and Bring my attention back to my breath. I inspire and take 3 long expires through the mouth. Then always keeping my attention towards my breath, I find a balance between my inspire and my expire. That they are of the same length. My breathing is slow and deep. My hands can be either on my knees or on my belly to keep the physical sensation of my breathing. There I refocus, it allows me to find an inner harmony. "

5 minutes to escape and relax after a big day? "Relaxation ... Nidra yoga. I did it a lot after giving birth as soon as my baby was sleeping!"



No yoga without ...

A music ? Precious Little - Hiatus.
An application ? Insight Timer to meditate. A place ? Where I find space to put my carpet. Otherwise outside, in Provence, in my family home.
A carpet ? Liform.
An interior fragrance? A mixture of essential oil will endow my diffuser.
We forgot something? Maybe a quote that I like a lot of Maya Angelou:

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you have done, but they will never forget what you made to feel them"

Photo credit: Coralie Demeautis