The 10 T.P.R holiday commands

The 10 T.P.R holiday commands

Did you know that mass tourism pollutes, and not just a little? According to the study of a climate of a climate change, it seems that tourism represents almost 10% of greenhouse gas emissions ... So at Balzac Paris, we thought it was the time or never of you Offer our advice to spend an ever more responsible vacation.

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Command #1

- escape without flying -

Traveling, discovering a new culture, landscapes of postcards ... All this is also possible by leaving in neighboring countries or even staying in France. And all by limiting your energy consumption and your CO emissions2.

The means of transport is the successful eco -responsible vacation key! For a long distance route, the train remains the cleanest means of transport! And at least you are sure to avoid traffic jams on the highway.

And if the destination of your dreams is at more than 6,000km and you have no other means than to fly, know that thanks to the Foundation Goodplanet You can compensate for your CO emissions2 By transferring equivalence in euros to environmental causes.

You no longer know what to choose or where to go? Test it carbon calculator De Goodplanet to help you make the best choices.

Command #2

- The campsite is good, the Green campsite is better! -

Once you arrive at your destination, it would be a shame to spoil all your responsible efforts by depositing your suitcases in the largest hotel complex in the region. Note that there are labeled housing, which undertake to reduce their environmental and social impact through reasoned energy consumption, zero waste policy, or even by offering organic and local meals. And there is something for everyone, from hotels to campsites, including guest houses ...

You can find a list of establishments labeled on the Green Key Site.

Command #3

- never without my reusable cutlery -

For campsite followers, bring a reusable dishes during your vacation it is the zero waste solution. So yes, it requires a little organization and maybe even a little investment at first but it is for a good cause.

And for others, do the same with your shampoos, shower gels and other care. No need to buy everything when you arrive in your holiday home, there are pretty small aluminum or glass containers to transport your care. And you will be even happier to be able to take all your beauty products to your suitcase!

Command #4

- Our regions have talent -

The holidays are also the perfect opportunity to discover new local products, take the time to go to the market, interact with producers or craftsmen from the region and meet a new culture, which turns out Often being very enriching.

Command #5

- Before leaving, we unplug everything! -

On the day of departure on vacation, we always think of closing the shutters, watering the plants and emptying the fridge ... But don't forget to unplug all your electronic devices well, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.

Command #6

- A zero -dropping beach -

We love the sandy beach with the sunset and sand castles ... Unfortunately, our beaches are transformed into a giant trash can where we can find all kinds of waste! Remember to pick up your garbage after a day of relaxation with your feet in the sand. We find more and more sorting bins at the exit of the beaches.

Command #7

- a hat and organic sunscreen -

The best on vacation is the warmth of the sun! Yes, but beware, the rays are not the best for your skin. So never forget the sunscreen index 30 minimum, and not just any cream. We prefer organic sunscreen because it avoids pouring chemicals in our oceans.

Command #8

- The end of mosquitoes -

The sun is good, the mosquitoes less ... But that is not a reason to run at the first local supermarket to buy insecticide, harmful to your health but also for the environment because it contains many agents toxic. Favor mosquito nets, lemongrass candles or sticky insect traps.

Command #9

- Merguez Ecolos -

Despite all the will of the world, it is sometimes very hard to resist a good barbecue with friends! As you know, charcoal is harmful to the environment as well as for your health, especially because of the combustion of fats.

Fortunately, there are electric or gas barbecues which are much less polluting and which will delight you just as much.

Command #10

- Test eco -tourism -

Be curious and try the tourist agencies like Saiga who are committed to sustainable development.

And don't forget to send us a postcard!

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