The team addresses to get out of town!

The team addresses to get out of town!

On the return from the holidays, we savor the last days of the summer by escaping in the green corners of the city: the parks, the quays ... We juggle between the recovery and the sunny parentheses: we stroll on the terrace, we let ourselves Inspire and embark on the city whirlwind… Here are some addresses to continue to escape in town and take advantage of Indian summer.

- Addresses in Paris -

Chrysoline, co-founder

"My little pleasure of the start of the school year? Take advantage of the magnificent collections of Museum of Romantic Life and the freshness of its gardens. A real literary journey in the heart of Paris. »

Rémi, collection manager

"Sits in front of the Medici fountain from the Luxembourg garden with a book. A real green setting that the sound of water comes to punctuate »

Eléonore, model maker

"After walking in the plant garden, I love going to sip a mint tea next to the fountain in the Café de la Grande Mosque de Paris. A guaranteed Maghreb trip for only € 2 »

Eugenie, e-commerce assistant

"I really like going for a walk on weekends or on weekdays at the Luxembourg garden, sit on a green chair or have a drink at Café La Table du Luxembourg. This place allows me to escape and extend my vacation, while being in Paris »

Claire, influencer marketing assistant

"In the heart of the city, close to the famous Roland Garros stadium, the greenhouses of Garden of Auteuil cause a change of scenery for those who dare to venture there! There are more than six thousand plant species grouped into thematic collections. There is something for every taste ! »

Ulysses, R.S.E manager

"For those who live in the East-Parisian, a small bicycle ride in the Bois de Vincennes before drinking a few beers at the edge of the Lac Daumesnil. What a pleasure ! »

Romain, logistics manager

“For me, Parisian escape is above all synonymous with sharing. Nothing better than a small aperitif on the terrace of Ladies Bistrot With friends, after resumption of work »

Wendy, model maker

« One of my favorite addresses to resolve myself in town, it is The little belt In 15th arrondissement, the equivalent of the green flow. A wooded, fresh, but above all exotic place which leads directly to the quays of bleach »

- Addresses in the region -

Clara, ready-to-wear product manager

"If I had to choose only one address, then I would go to Japanese garden Pierre Baudis In Toulouse ! It is a very Zen garden that gives me the impression of traveling. I often go there to meditate and relax. »

Alicia, a graphic designer assistant

« Nantes in my soul, I love going to walk in the Garden of plants. The budding sculptures of the works of Claude Ponti remind me of the stories of my childhood »

Zoé, digital marketing assistant

" The Park head gold To walk after a day of work, when the sun is still shining. To share a moment with friends around a picnic. And especially to go and greet the animals of the zoo that sometimes saw us grow. This park, it is sort of the lungs of the city, like a meeting place for the city dwellers nostalgic for the holidays spent too quickly »