He's far the time during which Men were dressed by their women or when The navy reigned supreme in the male ready-to-wear collections. These last struck down so To offer our men original fabrics and products.

Today, men are assuming in the role of man who loves fashion and reign over their changing rooms in master absolute. Less impulsive, our men have another way of consuming fashion than we women. JThe feeling that men are very sensitive to beautiful materials, beautiful cuts and original prints.

Chez Balzac Paris, The bow tie was our first product. He we is Subject important to think of men when our range has grown with our ephemeral collections. It is naturally therefore that our literary sweatshirt and t-shirt were available for you. The cut, the material, the embroidery have been thought with care.

Raphael is the perfect example of a man sensitive to fashion and the times. He liked our literary range: T-shirt and sweatshirt And thus associated these two pieces with its universe and the result is really nice. Say The Literary Combo X Gueule d'Amour Founded rather well!

See you soon, Chrysoline

Raphael_Tee_Shirt_Balzac_Paris Raphael_Tee_Shirt_Balzac_Paris Raphael_Tee_Shirt_Balzac_Paris