Inspirations of our stylists - Inspire collection

Inspirations of our stylists - Inspire collection

Each collection has its history, its creation process, often influenced by an environment, a news, a strong intention. Today, Catherine, a mesh stylist at Balzac Paris, shares the inspirations from the "Inspire" collection, born almost 1 year ago.

How do you determine the theme of a collection?

Catherine : "It is first around a meeting that Chrysoline, our artistic director, presents her general idea, she shares us what she would like to make felt through the collection. To inspire, we wanted to create a conductive line, a bit like a lifeline, a common thread. »»

How do you find inspiration?

Catherine : "We get out of our daily life, we walk around, we open up to the world. We start from the principle that everything can be a source of inspiration so we watch films, we visit exhibitions and above all we share our ideas together in the form of big brainstorming. We are four stylists and four very different personalities, each idea is good to take and sometimes it happens that an idea is common and this is where the magic operates! So we dig and appropriate everyone's ideas to create a story. »»

What are the inspirations in the “Inspire” collection?

Catherine : "There are several, but all are linked to this idea of ​​living in agreement and with respect for our environment, nature.-The kintsungi-

We were also inspired by Kintsungi, a method of Japanese repair of porcelain and ceramics. Its principle is to embellish the cracked or broken parts of a part using glue associated with gold powder. An damaged room is no longer intended to be thrown away! By sublimating it we offer it a renewal, like a new life cycle.

-The existent-

We also inspired each other a lot the existing, from what had made our strength so far, success of Balzac Paris, timeless that you like to review season after season. Our desire was then to renew the existing by reworking the cuts, the details, the volume ...

-The affair of the century-

News is a great source of inspiration, or even awareness! When we started to think about the collection, the climate justice campaign "The affair of the century" started to grow. This petition has encouraged us to act on our scale and in our field: take our destiny in hand, with others, and make things evolve, in an optimistic way! " Source : Pinterest Land art by Zander Olsen - Tree Line - 2008 Catherine : "Land art is an ephemeral art, which aims to be 100% natural and biodegradable, inscribing in nature, non-invasive, evolving over time and the elements ... the goal being to use what we Find around you to create your work, all without distorting your environment, as an interaction between art and nature without any feeling of power, domination, but rather the desire to live in harmony with what surrounds us. And it is this harmony that we wanted to transcribe in the pieces of this collection, but above all being an inspiring brand, which pushes its limits and which strives to create meaning in the locker room and clothing "

Source : Pinterest

How is nature transcribed in the collection?

Catherine : "First, respect for nature is found in the choice of our subjects, in particular natural materials such as organic cotton, wool, alpaca, mohair. We bring great importance to respect for the animal, to the fact that it is well treated throughout its life or before being mowed. Then, we wanted to transcribe nature into these small details which are dear to us like the flower -shaped buttons, the embroidery of our blouses and also in our prints as with the Léopard print shirt or the Karla flower dress. We also bet on more natural colors which is close to what we could observe in nature. »»
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