Why Balzac Paris said no to Black Friday?

The garment that pollutes the least, This is the one that already exists! The Balzac Paris pieces are created to last. A year ago, you discovered our second -hand platform, "Balzac Paris second life". If our pieces are imagined to live a second life, nothing prevents them from living three, four, a hundred ... thousand lives ! By transmitting them to your friends, your sisters, or to other women on our platform, you transmit Our values ​​and the quality of our know-how that make DNA and The Balzac Paris heritage!

Find out why Balzac Paris decides, this year again, to say No at Black Friday, and yes in the second hand!

No Black Friday at Balzac Paris


Clothes, household appliances, furniture ... All sectors offer reduced prices during Black Friday in France. The problem of these broken prices? They can sometimes encourage customers to consume products they don't really need, and thus Overconsider!

To fight against waste and overconsumption, Balzac Paris has chosen to Do not participate in Black Friday. Instead, we prefer Awareness of citizens on the act of purchase.

Did you know ?

• To make jeans, you need 11,000 liters of water.

• Throughout Europe, the textile industry sells 5 million clothes. In return, it throw around 4 million which will finish in « CONTINENT BOUBLES ». 

• The textile sector emits each year 1.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases, Or about 10 % of total emissions.

These are only examples, but you have to be aware of it to change your habits and adopt a more responsible consumption.

How ? For example by favoring French brands, which offer sustainable changing rooms, committed to Design products with respect for humans and the environment. By buying second -hand clothes, but also in Avoid throwing clothes Who we no longer like. Instead, let's give them A second life!

This is precisely what we offer at Balzac Paris: timeless collections designed with lasting textiles, to which you can give a new life on our second-hand platform "Balzac Paris second life".

A sustainable alternative: Balzac Paris second life

Make responsible clothes is a first step in preserving the environment. But it is not the only one ! The clothes that pollute the least are The clothes that already exist.

This is why we opened the platform now 1 year ago "Balzac Paris second life" For ever more sustainable fashion. VWe will discover nuggets that have already had one or more lives In the past, and to whom you can give another new life when you will no longer wear them! From SBottines with blouses, including jeans, all our second -hand items are Timeless and high quality.

And if you have Balzac Paris clothes that you no longer wear, do not hesitate to propose on our platform. They will delight other women like you!