Golden hour, team addresses

Golden hour, team addresses

With friends, family or lovers, the golden hour promises unforgettable memories. The members of the Balzac Paris team share their essential addresses to extend a summer day to sunset ...

Chrysoline, co -founder and artistic director - Portugal

Portugal, Costa Da Caparica - Posto 9 restaurant

"Posto 9 is our family landmark when we are in Portugal! Magic place for great Family tables and an aperitif time with the Sangria which is a real treat. You can opt for a morning yoga lessons, surfing for the more athletic or simply to have a good time in the deckchairs. Do not miss the sunset time that will end to seduce you. "

Rémi, collection manager - Croatia

Croatia - Hula Hula to Hvar and Buza Bar at Dubrovnik

"The Hula Hula in Hvar in party mode and the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik in relaxation mode! Difficult to find, it is a Not very secret and hidden, on the ramparts, with natural diving. »»

Gwenaëlle, Product Manager assistant - Santorini

Santorini - Alali Restaurant

“For a unique romantic moment with a splendid view of the bay of Santorini. An advice ? Ask the Cliff Table. »»

Zoé, Digital Marketing Assistant - United States

United States - Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

"Stay admir this breathtaking view to sunset to see the rays reflected on the red rock of the Horseshoe Bend. »»

Eugenie, e -commerce assistant - Spain

Spain - The village of Cadaqués

"My vision of the golden hour? Read a book lying on a boat in Spain, in Cadaques, when the sun is a little less strong. »»

Marie-Camille, ready-to-wear stylist-United States

United States - The Rooftop of the Indigo Hotel in the Lower East Side to New York City

“A 360 ° view of Manhattan, a relaxed atmosphere with good music, a sunset and a cocktail. I recommend the Strawberry Collins cocktail. »»

Elisa, event assistant - South Africa

South Africa, Mountain table to CAP Town

“You can access it by the cable car or after a hike for the more daring. There is a breathtaking view of the whole city and the sea. Around 6 p.m., you can admire the magnificent colors sunset. »

Alice, Digital Manager - France

France - Punch in Baule to The Baule

“To have a drink of rosé with your feet in the sand and watch the horses gallop on the beach. The light on the bay is magnificent around 7 p.m. and 8 p.m.

Alicia, Assistant GRaphist - France

France - the bell tower of Saint Tropez

“When I was little, we went every summer in the provinces with my family. And we love to walk around at night. The pink colors are magnificent, associated with the lights that are reflected in the water »

Margaux, event manager - France

France - The beach giving to Belle-Ile-en-Mer

“On the wild moor at the top of the beach of giving in Belle-Ile-en-Mer. It is the ideal place to see the last surfers take the last waves of the day, while looking at the sunset. We love going there with family and friends to have an aperitif or a picnic, well covered because it is still Brittany. ”