The new cool? Be a woman!

The new cool? Be a woman!

The new cool gives the La la collection unveiled this Sunday, March 4.

Balzac Paris signs a collection who looks like you and that will illuminate you all this season. Old, young, small, large, small, sensual, in love, entrepreneur, adventurer, joyful, curious, shameful, player, liberated, happy, single, mom, thirties, traveler, chic, elegant, cool, beautiful, rebel, class. .. What if the new cool was to be a woman?
On this International Women's Day, the women (and even the men) of Balzac Paris lent themselves to the game of a photo shoot for this new collection. Laughter, grimaces, hair in the wind, dance and all generations are in the spotlight in our photos.


The words of Chrysoline, co-founder and artistic director:

"What if the new cool was to be a woman? A woman who loves herself fully and who loves others! A woman who lives without complex and without diktat. A woman who walks hand in hand with the men who follow with enthusiasm this new cool that suits them so well!
In March, Balzac Paris puts you in the spotlight, you women who are this new cool! You are all women Balzac Paris and it is to feel good in your woman's body that we imagine our clothes. »»


What is the new cool?

We let you discover in our newspaper Balzac Paris, the representation of the new team's cool:
"Become the best version of oneself" Laure
"Trust yourself and be forgiving with yourself" Cecile
« Be in line with yourself, a unique personality and have to share it with others ” Élodice
"To be able to dream without moderating" Justine
"Start challenges and surpass yourself" Married


"Laughter to finish" Mathilde
"Living up to more thirst" Morgan
"Living fun and benevolence" Alice
"The desire to be yourself, to be free, the new cool is you! »» Olivier
"Feel always beautiful and elegant, even in a relaxed outfit!" »» Colina
“It is cool to be a woman, especially in France (many do not have the same freedoms) for this freedom to act, of movement, to think and to dress. We have the infinite joy of transmitting life and discovering the immensity of maternal love. »» Anne Marie


“Always see life on the right side. »» Marie-Camille
"Live in a fair way" Clara
“Being able to dress as you wish, feel good, beautiful. Being timeless. »» Wendy
"It is not always cool to be a woman but what is cool is femininity, sweetness, service and listening. »» Colette
“The new cool is to assert your choices without being afraid of the eyes of others. »» Charles

And you what is your vision of the new cool? Do not hesitate to share your photos with us on our community #vousenbalzacparis ! And if you too want to adopt the new cool spirit, go here.