Discuss with you, collect your opinions on Instagram, Facebook and via your precious emails, feed on your desires. The Balzac Paris team grows thanks to you. Two weeks ago, we decided to postpone the launch of a sale that we were so in a hurry to introduce you. Your kindness and encouragement have been a real relief, thank you again and again. Such decisions are not obvious but the link we have with you is precious and we want to maintain it in all transparency. You know the care and the heart we put in each stage of the design of a Balzac Paris product. Breaking this with a sale on too long delivery times was not possible. A delay in our production, an outsourced logistics to put in place gradually, new little hands in our team. So many developments that require time. Time to do things well. We get used to what everything goes very quickly, the pace of monthly sales, the snapshot of social networks, the maximum availability that we want to have with our customer service. However, our little team preferred to take the necessary step back to better move forward, to always better meet your expectations while hoping that you follow us on this dynamic. You did it, we are really happy and touched:) flowers

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O joy, you can discover Agnès, Léon, Emmanuelle, Honoré and others if pretty things Friday March 25 at 10 a.m. On our e-shop. A very beautiful collection to the odors of spring, The perfume of happiness. Some of the articles will be offered to you in pre-order. This means that you order a part which is a little longer to produce and whose delivery will be done in a second step. Each date will be specified on the article file, we do not hide anything from you:)

As of today, it's our pretty Collab with stir emother Who is online ! Discover the continuation of the stories of Laws & Clark, Tarzan & Jane, Baby & Johnny and Kate & William. As always, we are listening to you on balzac-et-vous@balzac-paris.fr See you soon, beautiful weekend!