Meeting with Chrysoline

Meeting with Chrysoline


If you had not forgotten the key to your apartment inside for a week of November 2010, where would you be today?

G o d I would have cried (It must be said that the locksmith's note is always a bit salty). And today, this key is at the origin of Balzac Paris and because I offered to participate in the adventure with me! Where would I be today? I want to say here, with you, for Balzac Paris. All paths lead to Rome, right? We would have borrowed a differ, that's all!

Why are you essential in Balzac Paris?

I am a girl ! What else? No matter how much we say, girls are used and not "Girls are zero”As Florence Foresti would say. I have a fashionable sensitivity and an overflowing imagination. And I blown you the idea of ​​Balzac Paris.

What are the positive points to work with two guys? Are there negative points?

What I prefer in the idea of ​​working with boys is that when the tone rises (a little) for reasons x or y you are going very quickly. Next, as Victorian would say. This is what we see that you are not girls: Little stories very little for you. More concretely, you love Excel and its bizarre formulas when I give me pimples. We each have our specificities: we do not shoot ourselves in the legs! For the negative points (sorry Charles), it is that you do not always understand the potential of a print or a garment and is however the one that all the girls tear.


What products do you dream of launching with Balzac Paris?

I am a bit of shoes and bags like many girls: right? So, I would like to create it for Balzac Paris.


What stylist do you dream that she sounds at the Porte de Balzac Paris to offer her services?

Isabel! It's you ? I like what this woman gives off. Starting with her friendly side, her smile and her quickdraw to her.

What do you think would be the best collab 'for Balzac Paris?

We have projects on fire so I don't tell you more. But, for me, good collaboration is done when two brands or two people want to work together. It should not be one -way.

What other fashion brand would you have liked to create?

APC! I love it, what a talent! Nothing extravagant, classic, chic. Customers are proud to consume at APC for what the brand releases.

Bonton, Bonpoint, sisters ... I am a fan of the child's world. I regularly fall for the kids. Needless to say, to go for a walk in these stores is a real happiness: you are inspired, it smells good and you could even ask to buy the paper bags so everything is well thought out.

How do you imagine Balzac Paris in 10 years?

The main thing for me is that my love with Victorien (my husband) be intact and that my friendship with Charles too. I sincerely think that it is the basis so that in 10 years Balzac Paris is a fashion brand that resonates in all heads in France and abroad and that our bet of: Quality not quantity has proven itself.

How do you feel the sale of March?

Good, really good !? I'm going there ... I am blue marine products that we have made but will you follow me? Strongly Mars!

You have to offer a bow tie to a personality, who do you choose? Why?

Stromae of race, I am crazy about the man, his universe and his humility.

The apartment of your dreams? Describe the us

Do you have time? I worked at Marie Claire Maison before the beautiful apartments I saw passing: what a pleasure! I guide you to the site Who makes me dream and on which there is the apartments of my dreams. But if I have to guide you a little I would say: Large living rooms, a kitchen open to the living room, a beautiful sanded parquet ... shot furniture, a terrace on the roofs! Many of us, friends, kids and family: a place in which we feel good.


Your favorite smell?

My Bonpoint perfume, the Dyptic Candle with a fig, the smell of a cake in the oven ... and these familiar smells that remind us that we are well at home.


Good music? In what box?

Pagan prayer of Céline Dion, laughed! Love at first sight took place when I was little and I thought his accent was done on purpose: what a laugh. In which box? Hmm you have to go so that a trendy box passes from Céline Dion. I will opt for my home.

Two expressions (I know there are more) than you use? STP translation

That's life ! Whether you both use all sauces and that works for everything and anything: pasta, sun, Balzac ... and so on!

Ascending. For example saying about someone that it is "Beautiful ascending kid he tells himself ". Finally I understand myself ...

Why do you no longer like oysters? We could have made a dozen this afternoon ...

But I like oysters, it is they who don't like me. But I am sure that when I tell you that I like burgers it will do the trick.