Coralie de Seynes, my sister Capucine presented it to me. I was charmed by her universe and I must say that her lively and joyful temperament only put a layer back! So we discussed our respective projects, Coralie from her brand and me from Balzac. His creations had caught my eye at Merci and his bags did not leave me indifferent. I'm sure you are going to hang with this life full of life who has a weakness for Friday evening and the aperitif Time ... Here, we are made to get along! coraliedeseynes_modified-1
Coralie de Seynes is the name of your pretty brand of jewelry and bags of which we are crazy. Can you tell us more about your beginnings and your desire to get started? Following a training in Esmod and 3 years old spent in the ready -to -wear woman at Hermès with Jean Paul Gaultier, I decided to mount my eponymous brand in January 2009. I have approached, won first points of sale, created a collection of children's pins for Bonpoint (it was my first big contract) and since then I have not stopped ... Your universe is very connoted, how would you define it? I would say that it is a universe: bohemian urban with vintage style. Which of your creations would you recommend to a man who wishes to please his sweet? The rope! It's easy to wear and it dresses any outfit! Once we have adopted it could not be done more. What evokes this sentence from Honoré de Balzac: You always have to do what we do, even a madness ? Rigor, strength and determination. Too artist to be geek or internet has no secrets for you? Geek ? Not really. However, I spend a lot of time on social networks and on my website For my brand.braceletcorality What is the site on which you invite us to surf? The ready -to -wear man of my girlfriend who created the brand Mr LACENAIRE. I love his alpaca sweaters and her shirts! My man dresses there and me too! And yes, I do not hesitate to order for me in size XS. A place in Paris? Meal time is one of my favorite moments of the day. So as a place I would say: The small market - 9 rue de Béarn in 3th. The Chinese salad, the thousand tuna sheets and the crispy prawns are too good.bracelet2coraliedeynes A movie ? "Midnight in Paris" by Woody Allen. As in a waking dream! What does your fishing give you? My Monday evening sports class, it allows me to be in good shape to start the week. This little simple thing about the daily life you can do without? Aperitif time at the end of the week: sausage, cheese & wine (nothing better in the world!) But be careful to consume in moderation! Your leitmotif? "A positive attitude brings great awards"


Thank you Coralie for answering our questions,