Meeting with team: Alexandra

Meeting with team: Alexandra

Alexandra is good humor embodied! Laughs, mythical awkwardness, genius ideas, she is what is called a golden person. Very soon, she will go to continue her studies in Madrid, Milan, Barcelona or .. Paris (our preference of course;)).

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Who are you, what are you doing at Balzac Paris? Alexandra, 22, student ... I am the very first anouk trainee: emails, comments on Instagram, messages on Facebook, it's a little bit:):) A typical day ? Rather morning meeting with Marie-Camille, we are almost neighboring:) The office is filled little by little, no time to say phew, two cafes later it is already 1 p.m.! Good addresses in the 9th thing is not missing and if it is not a lunch on the terrace on rue Desmartyrs, it will be in our furnished dining room, all, always between Balzac Girls! The time is turning and hop it left. Emails, calls, fittings, sharing, laughter ... What is certain is that I will have seen days spend as fast as at Balzac Paris and I challenge the one who will say the opposite; ))

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The happy moments of the day? In customer service, we are in non-stop interaction with our customers. The real happy moments, as simple as it might seem, these are the spontaneous messages filled with enthusiasm and encouragement that is priceless !! How do you call you in the team? Alex, not very original I grant it; )) Parisian has always been? Hard to say ! Born in Paris, I spent part of my schooling in England, won my bac in Paris and left to study in Milan! So I would say rather that Paris is my home port; )) Balzac Paris immerses us in literature, what are your classics? I’m very sensitive to Stendhal's pen in the Chartreuse de Parma since I lived in Milan. It’s validated by Balzac himself!

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Your 3 favorites at Balzac Paris? - The dress Marie-Jeanne : my first crush when I arrived in March - the pumps Madeleine : I who hardly never wear heels, I could sleep with it; ) - The combination Leo : so pretty Your unmissable in Paris? My - more than - Mignon sin: the Baägaä ! The best Burger in Paris! Based on Waguy beef (meat par excellence in Japan) close to the Trocadéro. Literally to fall on the ground! And to keep the line: the walk on the quays of Seine du Troca at Notre Dame is priceless! The two sets are the winning combo; )) And in life? My friends !!! Future planned trips? Sicily with friends then, I hope, Madrid for my studies! :)

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Dear Alex, we all wish you the best for the future and we say to each other very quickly! Pictures Anne Sophie - Thanks to the team of Marlette From rue des Martyrs for their welcome!