I lent myself to the photo session game. PAS very comfortable with the lens, I let purple guide me to gently let me go. I reveals you so on Instagram and others Facebook My way of associating our Balzac Paris creations.

The Sagan dress plays it and Uninhibited with a carefully uncrowed pair of converse. Crazy of sneakers, my converse follow me over the seasons, I like them worn, holes ... an uncompined crunch side;) These same converse mix with Our Sophie dress and other Eugenia Who wins the palm of the little dress easy to associate endlessly.


LE morning, the minutes are precious, I am a Overwhelmed hair! The combo Jean Voltaire + Ulysses shirt + max ) is easy to associate and Works every time! A chic side, falsely boyish, All noted by My Oliver Boots With their 5 cm heel that we don't even feel: real slippers.




Warm and Without forgetting to be feminine, Jeanne and Lafayette Work wonderfully! If I listened to, I would spend my life in sneakers and I would associate with a pair of Stan Smith ... but that it was before Arsène ! To try them, It’s adopting them. They make crazy legs and not even afraid of the heel of 6 cm!



Indian summer plays extensions with very soft temperatures in November Who allow us to go out in a jacket without even cold: I love it! Hector So follow me everywhere, 100% draws : Its cutting, fabric and incredible comfort is also for many ...


I take advantage of this aside to say thank you! More and more of you join the Balzac Paris adventure. That of a "made in Portugal" consumption where the products are all carefully thought out in our Parisian workshop. You guide us in our creation process since each of your remarks is noted and with each new products, We make sure to improve. The fabrics are selected according to your sweet desires and words that you leave us on social networks. Balzac Paris thinks fashionable with the aim of offering you the opportunity to consume better.