Blog_Ambiance Blog_blouse Blouse Bel Ami Balzac Paris - Vintage denim overalls Blog_chaussure Blog_vasesFor a long time our home was the Balzac Paris offices, then Balzac Paris became big and we settled in "our offices" at 40 rue du Faubourg Montmartre in the 9th. I was able to receive Anne-Sophie fromInside closet and open the doors to him our apartment. Adept of his blog, it is Éléonore who works with us who made me discover it. I am crazy about the interiors that we discover on Inside Closet. Truffled good ideas, I feared not being up to it ... Your comments reassure me ^. ^ With Anne-Sophie, the current is immediately passed: dynamic and smiling this new blogger promises to wreak havoc. In these three components, I was able to wear the clothes of Our ephemeral collection On sale right now on our site. Needless to say, I am delighted to make you discover these pieces at home and worn as I like them. So, thank you Anne-Sophie for taking the time to spend a moment with me, I wish you a lot of success for the future but I have no doubt! To all of you, I hope that my universe will please you and that we will have the opportunity to exchange very soon on our new collection. As you know, I'm here to answer you. Chrysoline, Blog_robe_candide Candide Balzac dress Paris pink powder - Boots Isabel Marrant Blog_sweat Balzac Paris Gray Blezac Literary Sweatm Blue Embroidery Marine Exists in Pose Pose on the site - Zara skirt - New Balance sneakers Blog_domjuan Dom Juan strap pants worn in beige exists in powdered pink on the site - Small boat t -shirt - Shoes Blog_fauteuil Blog_miroir