6 idées de looks pour une Couleur Thérapie

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6 idées de looks pour une Couleur Thérapie

Cette année c’est décidé : le printemps sera vitaminé ! Ouvrez grands vos yeux et vos placards, et laissez déferler les jaunes, les bleus, les roses et les verts dont nous avons manqué toute l’année. Les looks s’entrechoquent de couleurs pétillantes, pastels, franches ou acidulées. 

C’est avec plaisir qu’on laisse cette saison nous en faire voir de toutes les couleurs ! Nos stylistes vous proposent 6 idées de looks pour une véritable Couleur Thérapie :

Lemon yellow, yellow gold button,Pastel yellow, chick yellow!Yellow shines, sparkle. It envelops us with joy and good humor,such as the solar radiation ofLong summer evenings.This spring, we wear yellow without moderation,To radiate without limit!

Therapy yellow pieces: Cardigan Nolan, Bree T-shirt, Gloria pants (Available Sunday), Bermuda bag (available Sunday), Scenario sandals (Available on Sunday). 

Want to escape, we have the solutionWhether king, azure, night or marine,this spring, A wave of blue Shake on our collections!Blue soothes us and transports us elsewhereand brings back a little serenity in a worldConstant Tourbillon!

Blue therapy pieces: Liséa bar, Darling combination(available Sunday), piano bag (available very soon), Albane sandals.

« Will you come back a little rosé? » A questioning could not be more spring!This season, we dare the regressive pastel pink,The fuching pink that slams,The candy pink that dynamites,And even why not the three at a time! We never do too much To see life in pink.

Pink therapy pieces: Coil sandals, Balzac Paris t-shirt (available Sunday), Paolo pants, Bermuda bag (Available Sunday).

Because more than ever,This spring will be T.P.R (always more responsible),Green will of course be there! Green embodies our vision of tomorrow:This color will bring you hope,chance and always more naturalSo don't wait for the green light anymore,And put yourself green.

Green therapy pieces:Manoa jacket(Available Sunday), Bree T-shirt, Sally skirt (available Sunday), French bag, Fedor sneakers.

An orange starts to run and meetingA lemon who tells him: « Well then, are you in a hurry? » Our spring advice: Estate yourself to wearthis dynamic and bright colorWho will take you to surpass yourself!

Orange therapy pieces: Banana tillie, Cardigan History, Jean Mattis, Myriam sandals

Change the world, cHang things, aVec bouquets of roses!This spring, we are addictIn the infinite power of flowersBecause they radiate,because they are inorction,they dot our looksAlways more spring!

Flower pieces therapy:Scene earringsFlamboyant shirt (available Sunday), Jean Ellios, Elisandre sandals (available Sunday), Caesar bag.