How to choose the right wedding dress?

Since he/she asked you the question you are waiting for so much, impossible to get you down from your little cloud and you only have one idea in mind: to find The ideal wedding dress !

But between a bohemian dress, A tailor set modern or A minimalist dress, your heart balances. Added to this is the questions of morphology, price and the divergent advice of all your friends: it then becomes difficult not to give in to panic.

Rest assured, Balzac Paris offers you some tracks to make this choice one of the most pleasant moments of the organization.

Keep the mind open

Certainly, your ideal dress already exists in your head. But it would be a shame to remain blocked on a single model while our New collection of eco -responsible wedding dresses may offer you Silhouettes that you didn't even consider! So stroll, inspire yourself and group all the models you like, even if they have nothing to do and with each other. By dint of comparing and becoming aware of the multiple possibilities available to you, your desires will be refined and you will make this stage a real pleasure!

Define the style of your wedding

It's your day and of course, everything is allowed! However, Your dress will set the tone of your wedding. Do you want a bohemian wedding? Dress n ° 14 will blend perfectly into your decor. Conversely, you fell in love with a castle as a reception location and want to live a real day of modern times princess? Balloon sleeves of Dress n ° 15 will certainly melt your heart. For a ceremony that is both sensual and minimalist, Dress n ° 16 will make you a sober and sexy bride. And for those who never do anything like everyone else: Free pants and the daring costume jacket will be the whole that will make the difference.

How to choose her wedding dress according to her morphology

You are sure, you have found the eco -responsible wedding dress of your dreams! But the day of the fitting, it does not highlight you at all and ultimately has nothing to do once on you. To avoid this kind of scenario, make thee Test of your morphology And be sure to turn to models of wedding dresses that will enhance your figure. Here is an example with the pieces of our latest collection of eco -responsible wedding dresses :

Ideal for MORPHOLOGIES IN H with its tightened but jacking up which underlines the size And arises on the hips with subtlety. Its air petticoat will start your legs! Little extra for small breasts who can wear it without a bra to Sublimate your back in lace.

Ideal for morphologies in x and 8. Its modern neckline perfectly follows the chest, slightly marks the waist and draws the hips in order to underline the feminine shapes. Its little extra: its balloon sleeves with vintage air!

Ideal for Morphologies in A. She puts the shoulders and chest in value with Its deep V neckline, underlines the size and subtly poses on the hips. More than Small breasts Who can wear it without a bra!

Ideal for... All morphologies! It structures the shoulders, lengthens the silhouette and does not mark the hips. Closed, the daring jacket underlines the size, And open, brings a lot of flexibility.


Now that you have a very precise idea of ​​the dress style you want, it's time to talk about budget. Admittedly, this is not the most sympathetic part, but establishing a specific budget will help you turn to suitable parts. Don't have a big budget? Do not panic, many shops offer various models and trends adapted to small budgets, starting with our collection which presents the brides of brides Bridal dresses and outfits modern and trendy as well as accessories that will perfectly end your look for D -Day.

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