Women's surgery: how to wear it in style?

Women's surgery: how to wear it in style?

The beautiful days arrive but the temperatures do not climb fast enough to abandon our coats in favor of small dresses! The mid-season ally? The Women's surgery, an in-between as comfortable as it is stylish that will agree with a casual look made up of a t-shirt and a woman in organic cotton woman than with a more summer outfit. Borrowed from the 1990s, this jacket is available in all forms. Long, short, man or more feminine, checkered, wool Where padded, there are no longer the variants that will make this piece the flagship element of the season and which will certainly add a trendy touch to your outfits.

Surgery, the alternative trend to the jacket

Blazer jacket, in jeans or light trench, we no longer count the options that populate our dressings. And if, to change, we opted this time for a light surgery the cutting oversized ? She will be able to act as a small jacket during the day, worn on a dress or a simple top and helps to superimpose layers - a large trend of the season - after dark, when she is for example associated with a turtleneck, for A little retro side. The advantage of the surgery? You can steal it from your man or bring out a shirt that you had previously forgotten your wardrobe. The checkered shirt Oversize of your darling will then bring the trend twist of the 90s and will give a blow of pep to your little pale with a cool and romantic short handle. This is the strong point of this “Skill” trend. Basic wardrobe, the shirt has reinvented to cross the seasons, until becoming a surchemise of the most stylish. On the material side, we obviously adapt its models to temperature. So the pretty Surchemis jackets in corduroy, or in oldest boy will be perfectly suited to cooler evenings. For color and patterns, no prohibitions! Classic pastel tones, bright colors, tiles, peas and more original patterns, the surgery is infinitely available for our greatest pleasure!

The surgery, what model to adopt?

If all materials and colors are allowed, various surgery models can also be adopted. For a boyish look, tinged on a vintage little side, we will opt for The checkered surgery, in flannel or cotton, which can be worn like a jacket or around the size for a total look after 1990s. A comfortable model perfect for combining style and relaxation that we choose oversize, for an even more look comfortable and at the forefront of the trend. We associate it with raw slim jeans, a white t-shirt and a pair of sneakers and we concoct a most sharp look in no time! checkered woman's surgery For a more successful set, evening for example, why not bet on more female and more worked models? Leather, collar and sleeve ruffles, or embroidery and folds of folds, the Women's blouse Can easily transform into an elegant surgery. Associated with a sober top, a thinner shirt, or even a light sweater, these diverted pieces will bring the touch of originality to the most basic outfits. A good way also to respect our approach T.P.R (Always more responsible) and to give a second breath to our clothes already worn. Upon arrival of sunny days, the colors revive and the materials are becoming more and lighter. No question of leaving Our surgery that we will associate this time with a small Flower summer dress Or at a high end and a noon skirt. We will not hesitate to choose it wider in order to be able to belt, like a dress, or in order to leave it open like a fluid trench. With the surgery, a thousand uses and variations are available to you! George Fuchsia shirt

The surgery, each their own style!

Casual, working girl, feminine or rock ... each style! So, in addition to choosing the model that suits you, go for accessories that will complete your look and help assert your personality, even by following the trend. Thus, the same oversized white shirt, a true queen of Shirts and surgems, will transform according to the elements that will enhance it. Bringed on a fine tank top with Slim jeans for women and a pair of moccasins, she will give us the tunes of Jane Birkin and will become the centerpiece of a timeless and androgynous look. For the most girly of us, one watchword: mark our size! We put on a pretty belt carried on a Oversize shirt Open to a cotton top which will be the trendy and feminine touch of a most sober outfit. Associated with this, why not opt ​​for a pair of earring a bit eighties, a sweet era whose iconic plastic jewelry come back in force? Simple, stylish and ultra-feminine, this is the winning combination of the season. Finally, if you have a different style and more rock on a daily basis, leave your white shirt open, to reveal a vintage or message t-shirt and complete your look of a golden boot. As comfortable as it is stylish, this is the ideal look to chain festivals this summer! The shirt, always chosen oversize, can be worn as well as tied or even the size if your wild dance steps give you too hot. Timeless and classic piece of wardrobe, The shirt is twisted in this season and becomes "Surchemise". A new way of carrying this basic and giving free rein to our imagination. Thick, light, united or patterned, The Women's Skill Adapts to all styles and all times of the day.