Discover the leather tired vegetally, an ethical and durable material!

Discover the leather tired vegetally, an ethical and durable material!

Balzac Paris highlights responsible materials in his new collections. The fashion industry being one of the most polluting, it is important to react and bring new alternatives, whether they concern materials or manufacturing methods. At the heart of these we find the leather tired vegetally, a lasting material and more respectful of the planet.

Leather tired vegetates: what is it?

Tanned leather vegetable owes its name to the process used during the tanning operation. We then try to tan animal skin with a natural substance: the tannin which can be in plants, roots, leaves etc…. In this way, by favoring the use of a completely natural substance, we do good to the planet and we reduce pollution as much as possible during the manufacturing process. We also respect an ancestral method since vegetable tanning is an old technique that our ancestors already used! Today, tanning is most often mineral and we use different mineral tanners to reach the end of the process. This type of tanning is fast and inexpensive but agents such as chrome sulfates (which represent the largest part of the leather tanning) are very polluting and harmful to the environment. The so -called vegetable tanning therefore contrasts the bad effects of this method by different advantages.

What are the advantages of plant tanning?

Opt for vegetable tanned leather offers advantages at many levels. Unlike chrome salts that pollute the planet enormously and expose the worker to chemicals, plant tanning brings a much healthier manufacturing process for significantly improved working conditions. A great benefit for workers' health but also for the material. In addition, some of these parts are biodegradable and recyclable! A way for us to combine Fashion and ethics And thus continue to offer you beautiful pieces while following our ever more responsible approach.

A process anchored in Balzac Paris DNA

How to imagine a perfect look without accessory? Essential for your dressing room to perfect your looks, our bags, belts or shoes do not escape the rule of the ever more responsible that we strive to improve from day to days ... If it pushes us to rethink the materials we use and the manufacturing processes over the collections, the vegetable tanning of the leather is at the heart of it. With in particular the use of organic cotton, of Tencel® The vegetable tanned leather allows you to add a new string to the Balzac Paris manager. But this use of vegetable tanned leather is not the unique particularity of this collection! Our products also have a certification of different labels (such as the GOTS label) thus ensuring different controls during the creation process and a quality of the final product. We are keen to let you add a touch of manager to your dressing room while offering you Timeless and durable parts. Why then not be tempted by a Rodin bag, a faithful ally who will be able to associate with all your looks to be chic and trendy in all circumstances. Sublimate your looks with our boots or bags and bet on the little extra that will attract all compliments. Need to complete your latest look made up of a Jean Manager ? Do not panic, our alba belt tanned vegetally thanks to the mimosa, the chestnut and the cedar will bring the touch of elegance and brighten up your outfit. Whether it is the flagship parts of our collections such as the César bag or our sandals and accessories, we are proud to be able to offer you pieces that are still as trendy and respectful of the environment. So do not hesitate and discover the latest collection of pieces from Tanned leather vegetable Balzac Paris!