Handcrafted jewelry: a process at the heart of our DNA

Handcrafted jewelry: a process at the heart of our DNA

Men and women have been carrying jewelry since. A true timeless accessory, jewelry helps perfect an outfit, attract many compliments and feel good. However, there are many types of jewelry from different types of manufacturing so much that it is very easy to get lost. At Balzac Paris, we have chosen to highlight an artisanal manufacturing process. A way to respect a traditional heritage and a way for us to guarantee products of impeccable quality.

Handcrafted jewelry manufacturing: why produce this way?

Production is today an essential subject when we want to offer the best possible products, whether from a quality point of view of products and manufacturing processes or even from an ecological assessment and conditions of conditions employee work. To meet the challenges of the retail and its ever more responsible approach, Balzac Paris has chosen to highlight a largely French or close manufacturing (Portugal, Italy) for most jewelry from his collection. The stylists of our team then implement a unique know-how to offer you a range that will meet your expectations. By favoring a French or close manufacturing, we ensure a quality of production and limit the carbon footprint as much as possible when transporting the delivery of products. What simply mix ecological boost and product quality! You probably wonder what type of jewelry you can find on the Balzac Paris site? Our latest collection of jewelry with craft manufacturing aims to enhance your outfits. Thus, offering jewelry that agrees with your desires and styles is a priority. With a certain retro touch that will recall a certain family heritage, our collection of rings, necklaces, earrings, barrettes or bracelets is at your disposal to enhance all your looks. Why not be tempted by the Tigris ring which, with its head of a carved tiger and molded by hand will bring this touch of elegance and twist to your look! A real product with craft and vintage mind. And since a necklace is never too much, let yourself be tempted by our Jonas necklace and its four-leaf clover. A unique piece made in France in golden silver and with fine 3 microns gold. An inevitable in your jewelry box!

A manufacturing anchored in a responsible approach

Balzac Paris is anchored in a responsible approach looking for a more ethical fashion. So we made the choice to highlight new materials like the organic cotton, the Tencel® or the Tanned leather plants. In addition, most Balzac Paris products meet the different standards of Textile labels GOTS (Global Organic Standard Textile), OEKO-Tex and LWG (Leather Working Group) all ensuring via a set of criteria a certain quality of the responsible product (compliance with safety standards, workers safety, quality of material, nonociety Products etc ...) a very important touch to offer you impeccable parts. On the jewelry side, Balzac Paris emphasizes a French or close artisanal manufacturing, and also operates the “Zero waste” By offering parts made from dormant stocks in our factories. A way of restoring a second life to these stocks by avoiding waste, harmful to the planet. If you still have doubts about the benefits of an artisanal manufacture, discover our barrettes and necklaces that will enhance your outfit thanks to a retro and chic style. Designed from our dormant stocks with a perfect sense of detail, we can offer you a range of delicate and respectful jewelry on the planet. An important two-in-one to act against fast fashion far too harmful today for the planet. Discover all the Balzac Paris jewelry made in an artisanal way !