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Les Sweats Littéraires Balzac Paris

Chez Balzac Paris, nous avons de belles histoires à vous raconter, des histoires d’amour. 

Peu d’eau de rose rassurez-vous, juste ce qu’il faut pour éveiller votre curiosité et sensibilité !

If we tell you: Honoré & Frances, Jean-Paul & Simone, Alfred & George Does that speak to you? Yes, your godson is called George (Thank you Kate) and your Simone Granny! But think further, think broth of love culture, famous authors, literary works and characters having marked their time.

You will hear: Honoré de Balzac & Frances Sarah Guidoboni-Visconti, Jean-Paul Sartre & Simone de BeauvoirAlfred de Musset & George Sand. We have chosen to tell you the story of these three couples through our literary sweatshirts!Chez Balzac Paris, Fashion has meaning And we give you the keys to express it to your friends and other people intrigued by these pretty embroidered first names.

Made in Portugal, in a 100% organic cotton Certified GOTS, in marine or ecru version, we thought of this sweatshirt for the evening, the day, the beach, the sport ... As an appointment with Jean-Paul, Simone or George, at the dentist or even at the florist , Without ever having the same style! 


PSSST: answer our love questionnaire And thus define what literary couple you identify!

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