The long skirt: the sophisticated piece of your wardrobe

The long skirt: the sophisticated piece of your wardrobe

For a summer style with an casual chic or a winter outfit with a bohemian accent; The long skirt is worn in any season with elegance. Fleurie, she invites us to travel; pleated, it gives us a chic look; split, it makes us irresistible. This year, we are expanding our locker room with a timeless and resolutely female piece: the long skirt.

Long skirt, for a light summer

The first rays of sunshine warm your face and you only have an idea in mind: to find the ideal outfit that will accompany your sweet summer days. For a bohemian, cozy or refined style, the long skirt is the basic you need; She effortlessly dresses a simple outfit. Fluid and vaporous, we choose it with a flowery print in a vintage spirit. To sublimate it, we play on materials and accessories; A linen tank top and flat sandals for a bohemian look, with a matching top for more modernity or a white T-shirt for a casual look. Split, it is more daring, refined. Romantic in fluid material, chic in wallet cut; It is easily wearing it with compensated sneakers or sandals during the day. For a more sophisticated look in the evening, we prefer heels with a small dressed jacket. We play on duality by associating it with a Claudine pass to bring a touch of candor to the outfit. The long skirt is complex to match, but with a little audacity we create a completely personalized silhouette: retro with a striped shirt and sharp pumps, rural with a blouse with bare shoulders and a small bag, or associated with a Top united of the same color for a monochrome and minimalist look.

The fashion touch of your winter locker room

When summer bows out, we put sandals and barefoot in favor of pretty fall boots. If the change of season generally involves the modification of our locker room, we avoid spreading our beautiful long skirts too quickly. When the weather refreshes, we opt for a pleated shape. We choose it white, black or fir green for a chic and sophisticated look or silver, golden, bronze for a casual side. We then associate it with a lobby cup top and white sneakers. The advantage of this season? We play on materials! So we wear a long pleated skirt with a pair of ankle boots and a well -cut perfecto. For a more classic style, we opt for a half-long coat that we leave open to create well-chosen overlays. The pleated, all in verticality lengthens the silhouette and thus dresses all the morphologies - provided that it is properly associated with the other parts of your outfit. The long skirt is the safe bet of your summer wardrobe and the fashion touch of your winter wardrobe. Whatever your style, it will bring a touch of elegance and welcome refinement.