Les tendances du printemps 2021

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Les tendances du printemps 2021

Comme chaque année, le printemps débarque avec son lot de nouvelles tendances. Et l’on ne va pas s’ennuyer : rose pop, total-look jean, manches ballons, ou même léopard d’été !

Adieu l’actualité et la météo morose, faisons place à la mode printanière fraîche et colorée aux touches 70’s ! Voilà les 6 tendances que nos stylistes ont repérées :

Balloon sleeves

At a time regressive and romantic, the Ballon Channel blows again on our summer locker room. In short rounds or in a long, white, blue or tangy sleeve, it gives a madly elegant volume To our spring blouses!

Click: 1. Nathanael bag 2. Lucky shirt 3. Paolo pants 4. Anetta shirt 5. Myriam sandals 6. Romance blouse 7. Reef blouse

Bermuda style shorts

As always, trends are cyclical: by dint of seeing our shorts shorten, here they are taking the opposite view and lengthen ! Very present on the podiums, Bermuda is making a comeback. The little twist in addition: we associate it with a costume jacket for a Male-feminine look assumed!

Click: 1. Short Maylone 2. Piano bag 3. Bermuda Youth 4. Zagara sandals 5. Short Maylone 6. Memento jacket

The summer leopard

He has conquered our hearts This winter on our stitches and coats: who said that the leopard was just a panther of snow ? He is back always as triumphant this spring, in jacket, shirt or light skirt, but especially in spring accessories like sandals. Our heart is… grrrr! 

Click: 1. Moreau sandals 2. Zoé jacket 3. Anse bag Caesar 4. Elia sandals 5. Jean Austin 6. Top dune 7. Teline combination


He actually makes us to see life in pink : this candy color is the Spring Star ! But beware, this year, we forget pastel pink or pink Layette to adopt a rose more frank, more pop And more happy! And we do not forget the one who draws towards purple and who twists our outfits in small touches: Fushia.

Click: 1. Bermuda bag 2. Verbena shirt 3. Bermuda Youth 4. Scenario sandals 5. Calisson shirt 6. Floral combination . 4. Memento jacket

The Total-Look Jean

He was already all the rage in the 90s: The Total-Look Jean is back ! With a small difference despite everything this year: The mix and match Denim colors. We dare the white denim shorts, the midnight blue denim jacket, and the BOB BLEU MIDI! And we do not forget the jeans of the season: The combi-short.

Click: 1. Floriane blouse 2. Bob Betty 3. Floral combination 4. Jean Mattis 5. Manoa jacket 6. Caesar bag 7. Playful combi shorts

The scratch in all its states

This is the right student every year: The timeless stripe is back in our spring changing rooms! This year, She is more pep What ever: pink, multicolored, fine or wider, it is worn both in shirt and in pants or Even in a swimsuit.


Click: 1. Néréide jersey (soon available) 2. Ulysses shirt 3. Gloria pants 4. Shadow dress 5. Aloïs sandals 6. Freedom shirt 7. Ulysses shirt