Trends 2018: Fall looks for women by Balzac Paris

Trends 2018: Fall looks for women by Balzac Paris

We officially declare the end of summer, salt water that runs on your skin, sand castles, hundreds of souvenir photos and postcards. Are you already nostalgic for your family vacation or your walks between noon and two in the sun during your lunch break? Do you feel a slight decrease in morale when the cooler temperatures arrive and gloomy time? So we have a wonderful news: the 2018 fall trends have in store for you very pretty surprises! Especially for you and the rebirth of your good humor, here is a summary of women's trends in this fall as well as a 100% Balzac Paris selection:

1- The animal print

Discreet nature, a bit super active and not time to sift your dressing room every morning? We have the solution to be in trends and always feminine: animal print! To be sure of being sophisticated and elegant in a fraction of a second, regardless of the rest of your outfit. To go around, to divert, free yourself, have fun!

2- The robbery blouse

To twist animal looks this fall, the steering wheel will be right for you! A bit romantic and childish, and above all very trendy, the ruffles are part of the Balzac Paris codes to which we hold so much. Do not hesitate to think about your outfits with passion and balance: select a striped or flower, opt for a "Mom" style jeans on weekends or nice pants adjusted during the week, at the office. For shoes? Fall for a pair of sneakers, the sure value of pumps or your pair of favorite velvet goat boots!

3- The floral print

Do we need to tell you that the end of summer absolutely does not symbolize the end of the beautiful floral prints? Indeed, this fall, flowers have their place in its own right in our selection of trends and in your dressings! Available in all its forms, the floral print has the advantage of making you divine feminine, of being accessorized without being afraid of doing too much and being assembled to hundreds of different looks. What could be better for a nice, summer transition?

4- Bottle green

Because each season has its dominant color, so the trend of this fall for Ankle boots and boots will be the color green bottle. "Green is the new black!" A colorful color to be serene and not make a mistake, have a wonderful mine full of tone, and above all have a substitute for your slightly more classic black outfits, a safe bet. Small advice: dare to play the bohemian card for a chic and refined look.

5- Tiles

Chic and sober at the same time, the tiles are back this fall! Perfect for masculinizing your outfits while remaining dapper and sophisticated. For even more audacity, you can opt for the checked unit without fear, associate it with a completely different printed for a "British" style look or stay a little more sober by associating your trendy room with basics. Many choices to be the most chic in tiles!

6- The different materials (embroidery, velvet, lace, etc.)

As with each return from fall and as unconditional fashion fans, you will not escape the flagship materials of this new season. The essentials essential to have in your dressing room: velvet because the velvet is absolutely not cheesy, on the contrary, it is very soft and perfect for the cooler temperatures of winter. Do not forget the lace or embroidery that will dress more basic outfits and set the tone for your style.

7- Sneakers

Your days are long, you must juggle between hours at the office, enjoy your family at the end of the day, see your friends on weekends, without forgetting your sports sessions. This rhythm sticks to your skin but fatigue is sometimes felt? We have the solution to allow you to have style while being comfortable and well in your sneakers in the event of busy days! As with every season, sneakers have their place in your wardrobe, and this fall, treat yourself, the imposing sneakers invade the shops! Dare to contrast your outfits by opting for a chic and refined casual look.

8- Gold jewelry

For this fall-winter, Accessories side, the big trend will be particularly worn on gold, declined in several ways. Overlaps of necklaces, rings, earrings or golden color bracelets are all the rage and perfect a full -fledged outfit. A slightly male look will be even more chic and sophisticated if you enhance it with golden and minimalist jewelry.