Ecological mode: always more responsible

Ecological mode: always more responsible

Discover The T.P.R approach (always more responsible) from Balzac Paris to the fashion era ecological

Who said style and ecology did not mix well? If walkers for the climate walk the cobblestones, the fashion players that we are can also position themselves in favor of responsible consumption, starting with our dressing room. This is why Balzac Paris, an ecological fashion brand, is even more involved in its T.P.R approach (Always more responsible), offering ecological materials and trends that do good to the planet. Let's be honest: we have all said to each other while looking at our favorite little synthetic top that it was probably not the ecoelt room in our dressing room, without resigning ourselves to replacing it with a biological cotton blouse. That we do not throw ourselves the stone, to think it is already to realize that being at the forefront of fashion does not necessarily require putting our moral sense in mute. And for good reason, at Balzac Paris, we know that the right reflexes do not all appear overnight but that on the contrary, it is possible to improve a little more every day and to tend, ultimately, towards a more responsible fashion consumption. Let us discover without further delay the different ways of getting to marry sense of style and ecological consciousness, making you "fashionista" 2.0.

Ethical and local fashion

Looking at the “Made in China” labels of your little dresses, have you ever wondered about the way they had traveled before landing in your collection? One of the first steps crossed by Balzac Paris starts from this question: what does the trip as long from a garment to our wardrobes? If manufacturing further means that the consumer will pay less for their room, it also means that savings will also focus on humans. Ethical fashion is a current which tends to counter this “fast fashion” phenomenon which, on a small scale, can be enticing but which, once placed in a broader context, pushes to reflection. What are the working conditions of workers? How much are he paid? What does such a long ecological journey imply? So many questions that no longer arise if we promote proximity between the brand and the factories. At Balzac, in 2018, 98% of our quantities were produced in the European Union, which guarantees a healthy working environment while limiting our carbon footprint. And as we know that crafts and "made in France" must be valued, 35% of our March jewelry is made in our local workshops in Île-de-France.

Ecological fashion

It is well known, fashion is the most polluting sin in the world - second industry after that of oil. To reduce this considerable impact on our planet, no need to say goodbye to his love of beautiful pieces! On the contrary, Balzac Paris offers ever more trendy products made with responsible materials and according to always less polluting processes. The choice of our manufacturing materials is an essential point in creating our new collections. Thus, our March collection is made up of 73% of references in natural materials (conventional cotton or from organic farming, linen, wool etc.) and only 3% of references in synthetic materials (a good start which only needs to be improved). This year, Balzac Paris has also definitively said goodbye to conventional viscose that we replace among others with Lyocell, a biodegradable material just as pleasant to wear. And because our approach also concerns accessories, we offer our production of leather goods in biodegradable leather and (tank vegetable), for models as trendy as it is responsible!

Sustainable and recyclable fashion

Because nothing beats a beautiful timeless in his responsible dressing room, Balzac Paris favors timeless, durable and capable of crossing the seasons without the temptation to throw your little sweater being able to even touch your mind. Inspired by the “Slow Fashion” movement, our teams follow a credo: “more quality, for less consumption”. And if you ever want to make room in your dressing room to welcome our latest creations, do not rush to the trash, think of donations. You will certainly make a happy! Finally, as with Balzac Paris, we apply our precepts first to ourselves, we favor the reuse of recycled materials. From a "zero mess" and ecological perspective, we even offer to offer a new life to our old collections, and to reuse the fabrics to create new models, always at the forefront of fashion. Because making a big step is harder than adding small efforts, Balzac Paris multiplies the fields of action to prove that mode and ecology can agree with harmony. What if you too, you are starting the season on the right foot by adopting new reflexes? Because a spring cleaning is essential in everyone's habits, immerse yourself in the deep bath and discover responsible subjects from our April collection.