Pocket or handbag: what look for your evening?

Pocket or handbag: what look for your evening?

It's Saturday evening, you put on your most beautiful heels and makeup is perfect. You are ready to leave when a dilemma that we knew everything assail you: I take A handbag or pocket for tonight? More chic, the cover is however less practical than a handbag, which does not facilitate your choice. Stop hesitating, Balzac Paris gives you valuable advice to decide! Pockets or bags: think about the type of event to which we are invited If you don't dress the same way for a nightclub evening as a friendly dinner, you also don't choose the same accessories. Thus, questioning the nature of your outing will help you decide between your elegant pouch and your little shoulder bag. A birthday in a rather chic cocktail bar? Bet on the large black Caesar pocket which will bring the touch of sophistication to your outfit. If your program for this weekend has an evening to dance between girls, why not choose a hybrid bag like the large César Cognac pocket? We choose it embossed, for the touch of chic, and we can wear it in the pocket at the beginning of the evening without having to separate from his laptop and his wallet! Large black cesare pocket

Pockets or bags: think about what to take away

If sometimes a mobile phone and a pair of keys are enough, on other occasions, you sometimes have to predict a little more in your bag! Your needs will also determine the size of your bag or pouch, and think about it will allow you to choose between your adorable but small pocket and your very practical but more bulky shopping bag. If your evening has a wardrobe and you only need the essentials, do not hesitate to store it in a small pocket that you can proudly wear! Why not the César model, available in black and indeed crocodile in different formats? You can surely grant it to your outfit, whatever the event! If however you plan to go to a concert, you will need more things ... wallet, glasses, laptops and quies ball, you may not force it, it will not fit in your pretty pocket. Then bet on a small shoulder bag that you will choose in a pep’s color for a more rocky effect, like the bright red of the Olga bag Large Cesar pocket

Pockets or bags: an accessory can make an outfit!

Even with a full-to-crack wardrobe, it happens to all of us not having any inspiration for choosing an evening look. If you always want to be at the top, you don't necessarily want to be perched on heels in an uncomfortable outfit. This is where the right accessories come to save the bet. Comfortable slim jeans, A white t-shirt and a tuxedo jacket associated with the right bag or the right pocket as well as Elegant jewelry will be enough to make you the most beautiful to go dance. Why not bet on color and patterns to stand out? The large César Cognac pocket will bring the little touch of originality and vintage to the wisest looks. Are you more of a bag? Our iconic Caesar bag is available in a multitude of colors, to make sure you always stick with your style and your mood. Why then not be tempted by the duck blue velvet version, an inimitable chic? Duck blue Cesar Velours bag