Jean Ethics: Why opt for responsible jeans?

Jean Ethics: Why opt for responsible jeans?

Unmissable for your wardrobe, jeans lends itself to all looks and trendy and season crossing with as much style. Proof of this is, no less than 2.3 billion jeans are sold each year worldwide and it is estimated that over 4 years, you will wear jeans at least once a week. With such consumption of denim, it was therefore impossible for us not to look at these manufacturing methods and not to highlight more responsible alternatives to continue to offer you jeans adapted to your silhouette and batteries in the trend everything By respecting the planet!

Bet on responsible jeans for your wardrobe!

The fashion industry is among the most polluting in the world. It therefore becomes necessary to act and propose ethical alternatives for the planet through responsible matters and processes. Did you know that no less than 7,000 to 10,000 liters of water are necessary for the production of a single jeans? Derived from cotton cultivation, denim requires high water consumption and the use of polluting chemical fertilizers. At Balzac Paris, our T.P.R approach (always more responsible) allowed us to offer jeans the same treatment as we reserve for our cotton items and to favor documents whose raw material comes from organic farming. Today our range of Responsible jeans is 100% T.P.R, composed in biological cotton , laser faded and GOTS labeled (Global Organic Standard Textile). Farewell toxic products and polluting culture of the material, our jeans are now more responsible.

How can jeans combine fashion and ethics?

John is more than an essential piece: it's a basic! It constitutes the ideal backdrop to a worked look or a major ally for a comfortable outfit (but in style). Whether with a sweater and boots winter or a light blouse And sandals in summer, jeans accompany us over the seasons always with flawless loyalty! And it is certainly not the new collection of responsible jeans Balzac Paris that will break this friendship between you and your jeans. With elastane for some, our jeans provide optimal comfort suitable for your morphology. Whether it's Joe jeans in his deep or black blue color, where even raw mattis jeans, we have designed each piece for a unique style guaranteed! Today, it is possible to consider new consumption choices around a room as common as jeans. Balzac Paris T.P.R engagement Allows us to offer you more responsible jeans thanks, in particular, to a laser deputy. The traditional delays of jeans consumes a lot of water, energy and requires the use of chemicals. To counter this, we offer laser deputy to reduce water consumption by 95%, energy by 60% and reduce the use of chemicals by 80%. A clear improvement for the environment but also for manufacturers and their working conditions. The new Jean's collection offered by Balzac Paris also guarantees labeling GOTS (Global Organic Standard Textile). Obtaining this label ensures the consumer that the various players in the supply chain have been checked according to different strict criteria (especially environmental and social). In order to guarantee the consumer a responsible product, this label therefore guarantees control of the environmental impact on production and respect for workers. Whether in your everyday outfits or for special occasions, the Balzac Paris jeans will always accompany you in style and promise you a crazy look at every moment of the day, do not wait any longer and discover the new collection of responsible jeans responsible as well as our guide in order to Choose denim jeans for ideal women !