The sweaters, the mesh, the cocooning spirit: our ideas for winter!

The sweaters, the mesh, the cocooning spirit: our ideas for winter!

Who said Mode and Comfort couldn't agree? As soon as autumn points out, we all got into the habit of favoring reassuring and warm atmospheres, soft and comfortable materials with a single desire in mind: lounging in front of Netflix at the corner of a fireplace. If summer, light outfits populate our suitcases, as soon as temperatures drop, finished the small skirts, place with large hot and comfortable meshes and cups of smoking tea. So you understood, you will have to equip yourself. Discover the different Balzac Paris tips to spend a cocooning season during which style rhymes with relaxation!

Our advice for a trendy cocooning season!

Where does the concept of cocooning come from?

Derived from the English word “Cocoon” (Cocoon), the term “cocooning” comes from marketing from the 80s and tried to predict our future habits. Successful bet since since the 2000s, the return to the care of its interior and the tendency to stay at home has emerged. Now it is fully adopted and you will no longer see a winter evening without your cup of tea, your wool sweater and your little family! Enter the dancing in a box until the end of the night and lounging on your sofa in front of a good film with the glimmer of scented candles, personally, our choice is made! We have selected for you the best cocooning parts specially made by Balzac Paris.

1- A soft sweater so as not to be cold

Our first advice for a successful cocooning winter is obviously to cover you well! For that, what could be better than a soft and comfortable Adriel sweater? Alpaca way, this sweater made from Angora is soft and light bringing you the comfort necessary for an evening films while retaining the heat thanks to its fiber preventing you from catching cold! A Trendy sweater for women Who will accompany you throughout your winter both in your quiet evenings at home as in your day at the frantic pace! ADRIEL ROSE IN ALPAGA Wool

Soft and comfortable Adriel sweater - 145 euros

2- A cardigan from alpaca wool!

Another alternative to the sweater, the cardigan returns in force in our dressings. Designed from alpaca wool for perfect sweetness and extreme resistance, our cardigan Nolan will become your most faithful companion by the fireplace combining comfort, heat and style, a winning all-in-one! Worn on a fine sweater during the day or on a lingerie inspiration in the evening, the cardigan Bring the trendy comfort touch during this time of year. Cardigan Nolan Ecru

Cardigan Nolan in alpaca wool - 160 euros

3- The Dorène jacket

If you are at home, you have to get out of your cocoon from time to time. No question, however, of giving up warm and comfortable materials and pieces when we brave the cold! We dare to highlight the philosophy of cocooning on the outside and we say no to the cold with our Dorène jacket! With its imitation fur and some comfort, you will not leave it anymore and it will accompany your days in all circumstances! Moreover, the jacket comes to perfect your anti-cold panoply and is totally part of your cocooning approach this year.

Dorène furs imitation jacketDorn jacket imitation fur - 230 euros

4- A mulesing free sweater

Strong of her ever more responsible approach, Balzac Paris is also committed to animal welfare and their treatment during the process of manufacturing its parts. It is in this sense that our rolled-collar romual sweater is 100% Mulesing Free, that is to say without removal of part of the perineal skin of sheep. In addition, it will delight you during your days and trips, combining comfort and heat for a trendy room for this season!

Pull Mulesing Free RomualdRomual -turtleneck rumm and 100% mulesing free - 120 euros

5- A hat made in France!

Being responsible is also encouraged the production of our pieces in France. Our Tim hat will therefore be the perfect accessory to overcome the winter cold while keeping a trendy style. Made in France From 100% natural sheep wool, it ensures unparalleled comfort and heat and will protect you whatever time! Bonnet made in France Tim

Tim Made in France hat - 40 euros

You will understand, the cocooning spirit is also cultivated in your dressing room! It becomes important to get involved and to breathe a responsible touch in order to spend pleasant evenings while having contributed to the well-being of the planet!