What sneakers to wear with a dress for a casual chic look?

What sneakers to wear with a dress for a casual chic look?

Is it summer and it's hot? You want to put a pretty dress, but you would also like to be comfortably wearing in style ? Do you have a long day in front of you but you don't want to put open heels or shoes? You just want to wear some sneakers ?

Do not worry, the alliance sneakers/dress can be stylish, and even chic if the association is well done according to the Fashion trend from the moment !

A casual chic look with white sneakers and a short dress

Opt for the look casual chic ! A pretty short dress And colorful with a beautiful pair of clean white sneakers, that should please!

Try for example the little one Solomon white dress in organic cotton, with a pair of White Colin sneakers.

The outfit that is always fine: The famous little ultra -chic black dress associated with a pretty pair of white sneakers ... or vice versa! Success is guaranteed.

-Salomon-Avez-baskets-Blanches dress

A relaxed look with sneakers and a long dress

The sneakers with a dress, this is the ultimate comfort. So why not go to the bottom of things and adorn yourself with a pair of sneakers with a long dress And fluid?

It's not just short dresses in life! The Long dresses are essentials of the summer season 2020! With a very long dress, bet on the casual look. The must ? From low sneakers or light tennis like sneakers honors for example.

For the dress, choose a split dress like our Elisha model which releases the calf and which reveals your precious sneakers ! Otherwise, fluid dresses like our iconic Alexander yellow dress and/or the dresses printed with flowers such as Angela dress or peas will also be perfectly suited.

sneakers with long dress

A sportwear look with low sneakers and a light dress

You like style Sportwear ? Distinguish yourself and opt for the look chic sporty ! How ? Combine a sportswear dress with low sneakers, such as Maximilian sneakers. You will not go unnoticed!

In addition, these shoes are made from leather from an LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tannery. This certification provides sustainable and leather production.


A comfortable look with rising sneakers and a loose dress

Who said the dress/sneakers duo was reserved for low sneakers? The rising sneakers Also have their role to play and are doing both with short dresses and long dresses! Do not be afraid to honor your ankle with rising models.

If you wear a long dress, favor a 3/4 model or a split model so as not to pack your silhouette. And if not, a short dress To small suspenders, this is the 90’s look!


Our Colin sneakers: a summer must-have to wear with your dresses

For you this summer, Balzac has designed a great range comfortable : The Colin !

Colin is the variation of a pair of sneakers in 10 pairs of different sneakers. From scratch sneakers, metallic roses, golden multicolored, laces white ... You will necessarily find the pair of Colin that looks like you!

The Colin are the ideal sneakers to wear with a shirt dress or a Shirt tied at the waist.


Our Maximilien and Fedor sneakers: Dare the chic sportwear!

The Maximilian sneakers, these are the Runnings by Balzac Paris. Three pairs, all three made up of LWG (Leather Working Group) certified leather offering optimal comfort. Ecru, burgundy or powder pink storage, they have a very comfortable thick sole fitted with a pendulum effect.

The Fedor sneakers, these are the eco-responsible sneakers par excellence. Balzac Paris designed four Fedor pairs, three made up of recycled polyester mesh from plastic bottles and a 100 % cotton.


Our honored sneakers: an timeless for all occasions

A basketball, it's a stylish basketball. Balzac offers five different models combining elegance and comfort. The sneakers honors white leather 100 % Portuguese, those with leopard patterns, purple and metallic pink, 100 % velvet goat fisheries or even golden honore sneakers 100 % ethical tanned leather, the choice is vast ... Make yourself happy when discovering the Trendy summer shoes 2020, you are sure to buy T.P.R = Always more responsible !

Honoré-Blanches-à-Dive-Robe sneakers