What are the most trendy jewelry in 2020?

What are the most trendy jewelry in 2020?

Do you want to shine brightly this summer? To be the most beautiful to go dance? So, to have the touch oforiginality which will make the difference on your summer outfit, follow our advice on Trendy jewelry of the year 2020!

Trendy 2020 rings: inlaid medals and semi-precious stones

To shine in the sun, nothing like jewelry embedded from Semi-precious stones. At the beach, at the restaurant or in the street, wear some rings Sublimated by beautiful stones will not fail to attract looks. Fall for example for the Emilia ring and her green adventurine stone.

You are rather trendy Costaisy jewelry ? Let yourself be tempted by the news trendy : Inlaid medal rings! What is that ? It is a ring composed of a ring encircling your finger, to which a very small ring was welded now now a medal or a pendant. The must ? Give the medal to engrave at your convenience. Photo or first name of a loved one, date of birth of your child or a drawing that you like, treat yourself!

The necklaces of summer 2020: medals, shells and large links

This summer, costume jewelry is essential fashion accessories to add an original and trendy touch to all summer outfits.

In the program ? Multirangs necklace, medals in accumulation, clog, choke, fancy necklace, big linings... Everything is allowed, as long as your choice agrees with your outfit.

At Balzac Paris, we chose to bet on chic necklaces And of course T.P.R (always more responsible). For example ? The Golden Collar Jaseron and his stone necklace of mother -of -pearl in a cabochon or Ethel necklace, a 50 cm gold plated chain embellished with details of small pearls and with a superb long necklace shellfish natural.

Bracelets and rods: Sure values ​​to illuminate your style

You are looking for a bracelet To wear this summer? Opt for Jonk bracelets or cuff bracelets. Do these bracelets tell you nothing? Explanations.

The rush bracelet is a ring whose circle is of uniform thickness. The shape of the ring can be round or oval. Originally from the Indian Ocean, this metal bracelet is now prized for its sober elegance and simplicity.

the cuff bracelet is a large rigid bracelet which generally does not close around the wrist. He evokes the cuff of a shirt forming a sort of fixed wrist, where his name comes from. In fashion since the second half of the 19th century, the cuff bracelet is a flagship jewel of the 1930s, which returns today to the front of the stage.

Small new ones: ankle channels and ear cuffs

Do you like offbeat styles and new trends? So, this summer, wear ear cuffs! L'EAR CUFF, this is the new generation ear accessory. Before, the trend was at earrings, now, make way for Ear Cuffs!

Do you prefer to be stylish without being too original? Opt for the classic, but always very pretty to watch, ankle chain !

Earrings: golden Creoles and disproportionate parts

This year, fashion is at earrings imposing! On the summer program, Creole, giant rings and immense earrings. At Balzac Paris, we adapted to the new trend with some models that will not go unnoticed!

The Pila earrings will have their little effect.

Other summer accessories: jewelry bar and summer watches

Summer is also the time to take out your most beautiful accessories. Why ? Because faced with summer temperatures, we wear less clothes. Thereby, the accessories are much more highlighted. So what is all the rage this year?

The summer star is the white watch, with reason in quartz. We can never say it enough, white on tanned skin, it detonates. So do not deprive yourself and adorn yourself with your most beautiful white attires.

And if you like to point out, take jewelry and other costly accessories!

Our summer favorites Balzac Paris

At Balzac Paris, we have our little favorites for this summer. Note for example the ILA Blue Bracelet, its polished brass base and its natural and a multicolored darkness -tinted mother -of -law. Otherwise ? We also like our Bars collection ! Original, classics, large and small, you will necessarily find the one that corresponds to your style and your hair.

Whatever jewel you choose at Balzac Paris, you can be serene as for The ethical aspect of your purchase. Our T.P.R. extends to all our articles, even the little ones!