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— Entrepreneuse engagée, Justine Hutteau nous partage ce mois-ci ses pièces coup de coeur Balzac Paris. Elle nous raconte son aventure depuis la fondation de sa marque de déodorants naturels Respire.
It's summer, temperatures are climbing and you are too hot at work? , If you do not have air conditioning in your offices, follow our fashion advice! Comfort and elegance can go hand in hand, even during heat. Find out how to design the Women's office outfit perfect summer!

Opt for natural materials

When the thermometer passes the 30 ° C bar, the idea of ​​going naked feet and in Mini skirt at the office can cross our minds. And although the world of work is increasingly informal, it is still not recommended to adopt such a dress style! But then, what to do to feel good? The first solution is to avoid synthetic materials at all costs. You can carefully store your clothes in nylon, acrylic, elastane and polyester. Why ? Synthetic textile materials do not let the skin breathe. They create land conducive to hypersudation. By wearing your little polyester top or your favorite t-shirt composed of 50% elastane, you may quickly have to change! During the heat wave, favor natural, cooler materials. They let your skin breathe and provide you with better comfort throughout the day.




Cotton, linen, silk, hemp, bamboo ... The choice is vast! A Organic cotton t-shirt to short sleeves and an Pretty Tenncel skirt With a pair of braided flat sandals and voila! Try it Top "Julie" 100% cotton where the Ecru "destination" t-shirt in organic cotton ! They will be your best allies against heat. In addition, all Balzac parts are designed according to a concept: T.P.R. Always more responsible. We are keen to create quality wardrobes, produced in controlled quantities in a zero spoiled approach. At Balzac Paris, our trash cans are (almost) empty and all the fabric falls are used. By choosing to dress in Balzac Paris, you make a nice gesture for the planet. It is also by dressing responsible that we will limit our impact on global warming!

Choose light colors

When temperatures climb, we forget the dark colors. Black, dark gray, navy blue and dark green remain in the cupboard. Why ? First of all, because dark colors let the ultraviolets pass. But above all because light colors block infrareds. And the infrareds are the rays responsible for the feeling of heat. The more dark a material, the more heat it returns. The light colours receive less warmth and refer to it less too. This is why the polar bears are white! They prefer to keep a maximum of heat thanks to their white color. For example, a square meter of white fabric absorb only 120 watts per m². It’s three times less than black fabrics. In summer, we therefore decline our looks in palettes of white, beige and pastels. A beautiful long dress white with floral patterns, a pastel green tunic with gold jewelry or a summer dress Light sky blue will certainly have their little effect in the office. In addition, they will let you breathe! And why not bet on a little originality with a White top with yellow polka dots ? JANUARY summer dress for a summer in the drum

Wear fluid clothes

When it's hot, you must absolutely avoid too tight clothes. Red alert on the slim cuts: this type of pants, in addition to keeping hot, cuts the circulation of the legs. When we know that the legs of most of us tend to swell with the hot weather ... We favor Light jeans like the Balzac responsible jeans ! the Jean Adriano will delight with a small top and leave your legs free like air. So, to avoid sweating with large drops, opt for large and fluid parts. They will avoid the unpleasant feeling of having your clothes stuck to the skin. Exit the slim pants, tight dresses and tight t-shirts. We prefer a pants Fluid with patterns, striped or united or even denim shorts full -breaded stripes like the Nice little short lilian. Otherwise ? A beautiful Long and fluid dress with a soft pastel color or a hyper trendy combi-short like the floral combination In jeans designed from organic cotton! Good to know: pants do not necessarily hold more hot than shorts or dress. If you choose the right material and it is large enough, your legs breathe. The most daring will dare the panties skirt, very fashionable this season, in a fluid and united version. Associated with a simple top, this is the elegant look guaranteed. White summer jeans to wear at the office

Favor flat shoes

When it is hot, our feet, just as our legs tend to swell. The best solution not to suffer from this adverse effect from the middle of the day is to wear flat shoes. Not everyone is a follower of the dish but to frolic at the office in all serenity, it is the essential ally. The sneakers and moccasins are particularly trendy at the moment. And in addition, they are super comfortable. Are you not too much sports shoes? So let your feet take the air and go out flat sandals ! Spartans, minimalist sandals, fancy sandals decorated with jewelry, pythons or modern sandals revisited, you are spoiled for choice. For heels addicts, you can opt for shoes with wedge platforms or mules! The most important thing is to feel beautiful and comfortable! Lilia summer sandals for hot weather Are you lacking in inspiration? Take a look at our Women's lookbooks !